Rodney Harrison To OBJ: "Just Shut Up And Play"

The Browns have a lot of great individual players, Harrison says, but they're not a team yet

Zach Gelb
May 13, 2019 - 9:26 am
Odell Beckham Jr. Cleveland Browns

USA Today Images


After acquiring several big-name players this offseason, the Cleveland Browns enter 2019 with high expectations. Odell Beckham Jr. took those expectations a step further, recently saying he wants to turn the Browns “into the new Patriots.”

Rodney’s Harrison’s advice? Stop talking.

“If they want to be like the Patriots, they have to shut up,” the two-time Super Bowl champion and Football Night in America host said on The Zach Gelb Show. “You don’t need Odell Beckham talking about how he’s trying to be like the Patriots. Just shut up and play. You’re a great individual player, but that’s what they have: they have a lot of great individual players. It takes time to build chemistry, to build trust, to build that camaraderie.”

The Patriots, of course, have won six Super Bowls – and played for three others – in the Brady/Belichick era. The Browns, meanwhile, haven’t made the playoffs since 2002.

“People think individual talent (is all you need),” Harrison said. “No, this is the ultimate team sport. You need guys to learn and to trust one another and to be able to have that camaraderie. When you don’t have it, it’s very difficult to win. But I do believe that the Cleveland Browns will be that team that’s between 8-8 and 9-7. I don’t see them as being a 10-6 team. I think this division has gotten a lot better as well.”

While Harrison expects the Browns, Steelers and Ravens to be in the mix in the AFC North, he gives a slight edge to Baltimore.

“I’m probably leaning toward the Baltimore Ravens because of the addition of Earl Thomas,” he said. “I think he really gives them a playmaking safety, some speed, athleticism – over, say, Eric Weddle, and I think Eric is a fine safety. Also, Mark Ingram. I just love his tough, inside running. I thought that was a big mistake by the New Orleans Saints letting him go.”

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