Roddy Jones: Willie Taggart Showing A Lack Of Awareness

ACC Network Analyst Discusses Florida State HC

The DA Show
September 06, 2019 - 2:25 pm
Willie Taggart

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Willie Taggart did not have a great debut in his first game coaching Florida State. They lost 36-31 at home to Boise State. 

Taggart made some questionable comments after the game and during the week, most recently about hydration and players not being hydrated. Not exactly the comments you want to hear from a head coach after your first game.

"I think when you look at the context of all the comments from the week, it is concerning," ACC Network analyst Roddy Jones told The DA Show on CBS Sports Radio. "Initially you had the two comments about them not bringing pressure on Hank Bachmeier. He had the comment that basically said when we brought pressure we were really good. We didn't bring enough pressure especially in the second half. That seemed to be a little shot at Harlon Barnett the defensive coordinator because Willie is obviously not calling the defense, so who is he talking to there. Then there was the comment on not running the ball enough in the second half, not giving the ball to those two really talented running backs. I think me along with everybody who covers Florida State that I have talked to saw those as maybe not shots, but pointed comments towards the coordinators. If you take the pointed comments at the coordinators and then combine them with the comments about hydration, there is at least a lack of awareness of how the media is going to perceive those comments, which is concerning when you're at a place like Florida State. 

Taggart is at Florida State, not Oregon. All eyes are on the Seminoles and everything he says will be examined. 

"This is the biggest job that Willie Taggart has had. Oregon is a really good job, it's not a blue blood on the level of Florida State," Jones said. "It's not in the region of the country that is football crazed like Florida State is. Every thing you say at Florida State is going to be taken by these writers and the people that talk about it in the media in the southeast and analyzed. Where as at the University of Oregon, you can get away with that stuff a little bit more. I don't know. I've never lived in the pacific northwest, but I would assume that people in Portland don't care a ton about what the head coach at the University of Oregon is, the sidewalk fan. People really care in Atlanta, in Miami, in all the major markets what the head coach of Florida State says when you drop a game to Boise State where your team just looks gassed and you played 108 plays over the course of the game on defense. People are going to really care about that. If nothing else, it shows a lack of awareness on how his comments are going to be perceived by Willie Taggart, which to me is a little concerning."

Taggart and the Seminoles should get in the winning column when they take on Louisiana-Monroe at home on Saturday.