Woodson: Teams Have To Draw A Line In The Sand

Rod Woodson held out multiple times in his career, albeit under different circumstances than Ezekiel Elliott

Reiter Than You
July 30, 2019 - 9:32 pm
Ezekiel Elliott Dallas Cowboys

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Rod Woodson understands why NFL players hold out. Heck, he held out twice with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But there was a key difference between his holdout and that of, say, Ezekiel Elliott.

“I was never under contract,” Woodson said on Reiter Than You. “I was always a free agent. I just wanted to hold some ground, some leverage with the team, with the Pittsburgh Steelers. But I believe if you’re under contract – Ezekiel Elliott has two more years on his deal.”

Elliott, who has led the league in rushing in two of his three professional seasons, ranks 10th among running backs in average annual salary ($6,239,086).

“That’s pretty good for your third year in the National Football League,” Woodson said. “I know running backs have a short shelf life. I understand that. I understand everybody looking at Antonio Brown and saying, ‘He caused a fuss, and he made his money with the Oakland Raiders.’ I get it. I just think that somewhere along the line, the teams have to draw a line in the sand if they want to keep going down this road or if they want the player to come there.”