Shaughnessy: Robert Kraft "Covering His Ass"

After Tom Brady announced he would leave the Patriots, Robert Kraft went into spin mode and made "bogus" claims, Dan Shaughnessy says

The DA Show
March 18, 2020 - 9:32 am

Shortly after Tom Brady announced that he would leave the Patriots, Robert Kraft immediately went into spin mode, saying that Brady could have stayed in New England if he really wanted to.

Dan Shaughnessy’s eye-rolling response? Please. 

“Don’t even start,” Shaughnessy said on The DA Show. “You know what he does. What he does is he wants to position himself so that nobody is mad at him, so he tries to have it both ways. The notion that Tom could have stayed if he wants is bogus. That’s just Bob Kraft covering his ass like he always does. Hey, it’s okay, just own it. ‘We didn’t want a 45-year-old quarterback. We didn’t want to give a 42-year-old guy a two-, three-year deal and watch him lurch around in his mid-40s here.’”

Brady was 36 when the Patriots drafted Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round in 2014. He turns 43 in August.

“Tom already succeeded one succession plan,” Shaughnessy said. “Garoppolo was the next guy. He had been identified and groomed. Tom outlived that. Good for him. Well, they weren’t going to move forward with a 43-year-old quarterback and give him $30 million a year. That’s just not part of the plan here. Belichick wouldn’t mind saying it. He’d give you the, ‘You’re damn right I ordered the code red.’ But Kraft can’t do it. He’s alway got to position himself so the fans won’t be mad at him.” 

Well, his response to Brady’s exit may have angered a lot of fans in Boston.

“These fans are not stupid,” Shaughnessy said. “It’s like when the Red Sox try and say the Mookie Betts deal was a baseball deal and it wasn’t about the luxury tax. They know when they’re being messed around with. It’s okay. They’re smart enough and mature enough to understand, okay, maybe you don’t want to commit $30 million a year to a 43-year-old quarterback. They can live with that, a lot of them. But instead, we get this. It comes as no surprise.”

It’ll be interesting to see if, or how, Brady responds to Kraft’s claim.

“If I’m the Brady camp, they’ve always taken the high road, and I doubt they’d lash back,” Shaughnessy said. “But that would have hacked me off a little bit, to have gone to Bob’s house on Monday night and then Tuesday have Bob calling Stephen A. Smith to cry about how Tom was going to leave no matter what.”