Wiggins: Rob Gronkowski Will Return To Patriots

Gronk may not come out of retirement this season, but it's going to happen eventually, former Patriot Jermaine Wiggins says

Zach Gelb
August 01, 2019 - 9:07 am
Rob Gronkowski Super Bowl

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Rob Gronkowski, as of now, is retired. But former Patriot and Super Bowl champion Jermaine Wiggins believes that will change at some point.

“I think he does return,” Wiggins told Zach Gelb, who was filling in as host of Ferrall on the Bench. “I don’t know if it’s necessarily going to be this year, but I think if it’s not this year, I definitely think he comes back next year. I just feel like he still has gas left in the tank. He loves the game, he loves being around his teammates, and you’re going to get that itch. When you’re a guy like Rob Gronkowski who still has gas left in the tank, you might want to scratch that. My gut’s telling me that he comes back, and I hope he comes back because I still think can do some good stuff.”

Gronkowski, 30, caught 47 balls for 682 yards and three touchdowns last season. Might Tom Brady give Gronk a call in November and try to convince him to return for a playoff run?

“I think Tom Brady is probably picking up the phone once a week,” Wiggins said. “I know he was dinged up a little bit last year, but you know this guy – when he gets out on the field – he’s still a dominating, dominating figure. Teams have to double-team him. They have to prepare for him. So if you’re Tom Brady, you want to try to put the best guys around you. Why wouldn’t you call up a guy like that that you know still has some gas left in the tank and say, ‘Listen, there’s a spot for you. Come on back.’ Hopefully he obliges him on that. That’s just my gut telling me he’s going to be back at some time.”

Wiggins doesn’t think Gronkowski misses football right now, but once the Super Bowl banner is raised and he’s watching games every Sunday? He will absolutely miss it, Wiggins says.

“I haven’t played in a long time, and I still got that itch,” he said. “Believe me, if I had the ability and the talent to still be able to do it, you try to do it as long as you can. I think taking some time off helps him physically. There’s nothing that’s ever going to replace that feeling of being part of that team, being in that huddle, being in that locker room, being able to make plays out on that field, lining up across from your opponent and knowing you got a chance to make a big catch or a big block – there’s nothing that replaces that. That’s the thing that he’s going to start to miss more than anything.”

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