Dibble: Chapman Knows Better; 3-Game Suspension “Unconscionable”

Rays pinch hitter Michael Brousseau could have been killed Tuesday, Rob Dibble says, and Major League Baseball needed to issue a stiffer punishment to Aroldis Chapman

Reiter Than You
September 03, 2020 - 3:56 pm
Aroldis Chapman

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When Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman almost hit Rays pinch hitter Michael Brousseau in the head with a 101-mile-per-hour fastball Tuesday, Rob Dibble could not believe it.

“That should never happen,” the World Series champion and MLB analyst said on Reiter Than You. “That’s one of the most egregious things you can do in the game. He knows that he’s one of the hardest throwers that ever played. He’s the hardest thrower in the game right now, and you can get your message in there throwing underneath a guy’s arms, right at the letters. If you want to hit him, put it in his ribs, but don’t ever go above the shoulders.”

The Yankees and Rays had engaged in a bit of HBP tomfoolery throughout the series. Chapman was suspended three games for his antics.

Dibble couldn’t believe that, either.

“I think three games is unconscionable,” he said. “So you give Joe Kelly eight games and you tell the Tampa Bay Rays players, well, we’re going to protect the Astros – arguably one of the worst cheaters in the history of the game. We’re going to protect you and suspend the guy that did something to retaliate against you eight games. The Rays have a guy that throws at their head, 101 miles an hour, and we’re going to suspend him three games.”

Yankees manager Aaron Boone and Rays manager Kevin Cash were suspended one game apiece. They, and Chapman, received undisclosed fines.

Dibble, a two-time All-Star, hit 12 batters in his career – about half because he was asked to, and about half because he knew he had to. But there’s a way to go about it, he says, and head-hunting isn’t it.

“To me, that’s the kind of stuff that’s going on in Major League League Baseball right now that turns my stomach,” Dibble said. “That can’t happen. Aroldis Chapman knows better, the Yankees know better, and there’s no room for that in Major League baseball. Brousseau could have been killed. You just can’t do that. It’s not necessary. I don’t care how many times they’re hitting Yankee players. You can still get your message across without putting somebody’s career in jeopardy.”