Justice: Yankees Won't Trade For Machado

Richard Justice does not believe Manny Machado will don the pinstripes

Tiki and Tierney
July 11, 2018 - 12:12 pm

USA Today Images


Trade rumors continue to spread about Baltimore Orioles standout Manny Machado, and many of the top contenders in the American League seem to want to get in on the gossip.

The Yankees, Red Sox and Indians, among others, are reportedly interested in the four-time All-Star, but would a trade for Machado be worth it in the end?

MLB Network and MLB.com analyst Richard Justice addressed that exact question on CBS Sports Radio and said he does not expect Machado to end up with the Yankees.

“No, I don’t,” Justice said on Tiki and Tierney. “I think (Yankees general manager) Brian Cashman is all in on a starting pitcher, but (there is another) side to that.”

Justice said that the top teams in the American League – such as the Astros, Red Sox, Yankees and Indians – are trying to pull strings on one another while also focusing on October.

“They are playing one-upmanship,” Justice said. “You have three or four teams in the American League, and they’re basically the same team. What you see happening with the Astros – they do not need a hitter, but they’re going out to try to find a hitter, catcher, reliever. So what you see with those teams is that there is a frantic nature for what they’re trying to do. 

“I have people telling me, ‘All we’re looking at is how do we match up with Cleveland and Houston in October?’ So that’s what I think is going on, and in that you cover every base. You’re looking for a starting pitcher, but if suddenly Manny Machado falls into your lap, you don’t say, ‘No thanks.’”