Gannon To Brady Critics: "You're Missing The Boat"

Rich Gannon understands why certain NFL fans dislike Tom Brady, but he's still the GOAT – and it's not close

Reiter Than You
January 28, 2019 - 7:52 pm

USA Today Images


Despite nine AFC Championships and five (and counting?) Super Bowl titles, Tom Brady, critics say, is a system quarterback, someone who has simply benefited from the genius of Bill Belichick.

Rich Gannon’s response?

“Yeah, he’s a system quarterback – the system revolves around him,” the former NFL MVP joked on Reiter Than You. “I get it: If you reside in one of those AFC East cities like New York, Miami or Buffalo, then you hate Tom Brady and the Patriots. I get that. But look at the division: the Jets, the Dolphins and the Bills have fired more head coaches and quarterbacks that I can count in the time that those two (Belichick and Brady) have been together. But the great thing about Brady, as I evaluate quarterbacks, is simply this: Does he put his team in position to win each week? And the answer is yes.”

Disagree? Well, the numbers say otherwise.

“You rarely pick up the paper on a Monday morning and see that Tom Brady threw three picks and the Patriots lost,” Gannon said. “He’s the model of consistency. He’s selfless. There’s been so much change around Brady over the years. The offensive line, guys have come and gone; running backs have come and gone; receivers, they never draft a receiver in the first round; and you look at what they’ve done, and his ability to adapt and adjust on the fly and not complain and just go out there and find ways to win with – I don’t want to say inferior players; that’s not fair – but these aren’t always marquee players and top free-agent players. They don’t spend their money there when you look at the skill players on offense.”

Add it all up, and for Gannon, it’s clear: Brady is the GOAT. 

“Look, I love Joe Montana,” he said. “I was a huge Joe Montana fan. It’s hard to compare different quarterbacks from different eras. But for anyone out there that doesn’t think Tom Brady is the greatest that’s ever played the quarterback position – when you look at his body of work and what he’s accomplished, particularly in today’s NFL with free agency and all the constraints that there are to building dominant franchises – I think you’re missing the boat.”