Gannon: Chiefs Aren't Super Bowl Contenders

The Chiefs have lost four of their last six games

Reiter Than You
November 11, 2019 - 8:59 pm

After starting 4-0, the Kansas City Chiefs were trendy picks to reach, if not win, the Super Bowl. The Chiefs (6-4), however, have lost four of their last six games.

Are they still Super Bowl contenders?

“Not right now,” former NFL MVP Rich Gannon said on Reiter Than You. “They’re off to a 4-0 start, they’ve struggled not having Mahomes – but even having Mahomes yesterday, that was really shocking to me. They’ve lost four of their last six games, Mahomes throws for a season-high 446 yards, throws for three touchdowns, doesn’t turn the ball over – and they still lose.”

The Chiefs led the Titans by 10 points in the first quarter and by nine in the fourth Sunday. Nevertheless, they lost 35-32, as Ryan Tannehill took the Titans 61 yards in four plays for the game-winning score.

“I think the biggest issue they have is their defense,” Gannon said. “I think the explosive plays they give up not only on the ground, but through the air, they couldn’t stop the run.”

Indeed, Derrick Henry rushed 23 times for 188 yards and two touchdowns.
“To me, I just don’t know that their defense (is good enough),” Gannon said. “Their defense has survived because when Mahomes has been healthy, they go out and score 35 points every week. But when you look at where they’re at over the last six games, even with Mahomes playing some of those games, the scoring is down significantly.”

So is the protection. The Chiefs allowed just three sacks in their first four games; they’ve allowed 15 over their last six.

“The protection hasn’t been good enough,” Gannon said.

The Chiefs play the Chargers (4-6) in Mexico City on Monday. Kickoff is at 8:15 p.m. ET.