Hoffman: Haskins Had Good Game, Still Not Ready

Craig Hoffman explained why Dwayne Haskins is nowhere close to being ready to play in the NFL

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
August 16, 2019 - 9:48 am

After a rough preseason debut, Dwayne Haskins redeemed himself against the Bengals on Thursday, going 7-of-14 for 114 yards and a touchdown.

So, does this mean he’s ready to start Week 1?

Not quite.

“I think that he had a good day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is any closer to being ready to play in the NFL or start for this team,” 106.7 The Fan’s Craig Hoffman said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I think the important thing to remember for preseason for every single player – but especially a rookie quarterback – is this is a very fancy practice. Dwayne goes out, the touchdown he throws, it’s literally perfect. Mentally, he identified the coverage before the snap, he knew where he wanted to go with the football, he knew he was going to probably take a hit because they were coming on a blitz, it’s third down, he sticks in there, and he delivers a picture-perfect, can’t-drop-it-any-better ball. That’s what makes that kid special. He showed everything there of what it could be. But he’s also go a lot of throws that he’s trying stuff, and it doesn’t work.”

Sometimes the issue is accuracy; sometimes it’s footwork; sometimes it’s miscommunication with a wide receiver.

“That’s stuff you got to figure out,” Hoffman said. “That’s what practice is for. If you keep the lens of this is a very fancy practice with full uniforms and people there, then Dwayne Haskins had a great night. He didn’t necessarily execute everything, but I think this was a productive night in the right direction for Dwayne Haskins.”

Still, Hoffman does not think Haskins should play in the regular season until late in the year – and only if the Redskins are out of the playoff race.

“He’s just not ready yet,” Hoffman said. “What we see a lot of times with rookie quarterbacks where they’re ruined is they take a ton of hits; I think he would take a ton of hits because he just doesn’t know when he needs to get rid of the football sometimes. He’s a big kid. He can take it. But taking it in the regularity that he would in an actual NFL game against NFL starters is not something I think would be good for him at this point. Once he passes that threshold, then maybe there’s a chance to get him in there, maybe at the end of the season if they’re out of it. I think the best thing for Dwayne Haskins is to not play right now because he’s frankly not ready to do so.”

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