Up The Gut Week 6: Snyder Must Hire With Haskins In Mind

If the Redskins want to get back to winning, it starts with (properly) developing their first-round quarterback

The DA Show
October 11, 2019 - 10:45 am

By Shaun Morash

Cold Open

Jay Gruden is fired. Rarely is a coach’s firing as ugly as this one is on the way out the door. The word "leak" was all over this story. There were Jay Gruden pictures of him smoking weed on the corner leaked. Then there was the story that Dwayne Haskins may not even be ready next year leaked. When there is that much back and forth, usually the situation and the toxicity that comes with it extends far beyond the head coach.

Things in Washington aren't going to change as long as Daniel Snyder does not change himself, and there is no sign he would. 

Now who is next in Washington? The coach has to be one hired, and designed, to develop Dwayne Haskins. The idea cannot be to do what Arizona did with Josh Rosen. Mike Tomlin's name has been tossed around, and while he may not be a quarterback developer, he is a coach who deserves some power, and Daniel Snyder is on the Jerry Jones tree of not wanting to yield said power. 

The bottom line, though, is this team cannot turn around its culture without winning, and this team cannot get back to winning without the proper development of Dwayne Haskins as a first-round, franchise quarterback. Don't take that guy without a head coach in place that thinks he can develop Haskins. Washington has already made one big mistake; the next hire could determine the next five years in a bad way. With Dan Snyder's money behind that decision, I am banking on a mistake more than a win. 

Ten Yard Gain

1-Baker Mayfield has a target on his back, and he deserves it. However, Richard Sherman having to backtrack on his coin-toss hand shake comment after video showed Sherman was way off is senseless. Baker does enough arrogant things that we do not need to make up controversies out of thin air. However, the fact Sherman did do this shows just what Baker's peers feel about him. The target on his back is not going to get any smaller in 2019 and so far he has proved he cannot handle adversity at the professional level.

2-This is just a reminder that Nick Bosa did not want to come back and play for Ohio State after an early season injury in 2018 to focus on the NFL Draft. Which was probably smart, and totally within his rights. However, when you see him and the flag bearer, so to speak, for Ohio State football in revenge against Baker Mayfield, it is a little laughable. 

3-Christian McCaffrey should be in the MVP conversation, and more than just a throw in. The Panthers were winless and lost their former MVP quarterback for an undetermined amount of time. Kyle Allen has played extremely well, but McCaffrey has truly put the team on his back. If the Panthers do end up a playoff team, and there is a long way to go before then, McCaffrey should garner way more votes from actual voters for this award and let's stop assuming it should go to a quarterback. 

4- No Davante Adams? No Problem for the Packers in Dallas Sunday as they continue to own America's Team. The Packers could have begun a tailspin after the bad home loss to the Eagles; instead, they rolled in Dallas. Now for the Cowboys, losers of two straight, the dreams of Super Bowl frontrunners are temporarily on hold. They go back to the Wild Card mix with conference losses mounting. 

5-Will Todd Gurley ever be the same again? Will the Rams be the same again? There is a reason Super Bowl losers rarely get back the next year. The Rams, though, seemed like the real threat to end that drought. Now at 3-2 facing yet another tough divisional task, with Todd Gurley again hurt, the Rams need a win this weekend in the worst way. Not only may the division go out the window with a loss to the 49ers, the thought they could even get a playoff bye even if they rebound to win the division would almost assuredly be over, making it that much more improbable they can make another run to the Super Bowl. 

6-What a putrid job by Khalil Mack to act like a baby and not speak to the media following the Raiders beating his Bears in London. You can't beat your chest during the good times and not face the music during the bad times. Mack was completely shut down in what frankly was Jon Gruden's best win since returning to the Raiders. Mack could have taken the high road, some ownership, but he did the opposite of that. 

7- Frank Reich has to be the front runner through 5 weeks for Coach of the Year. The Chiefs were a knockout pool pick Sunday Night, a lock, the Colts can't be trusted. Unless, of course, they can. Jacoby Brissett did just enough and is proving to be a tough-as-nails quarterback. But the real MVPs have been the Colts offensive and defensive fronts. Reich has coached up all of these units, all the while holding a locker room together when their franchise quarterback retires suddenly right before the season. This team should have been 5-11, and they look anything but that. 

8-I was not in favor of coaches being able to challenge pass interference. It was a massive overreaction by the NFL to appease fans after the NFC Championship Game. However, they did allow it – yet obvious and egregious pass interferences are being challenged every week without being overturned. If you aren't going to overturn them when they are obvious, why give coaches this chance and cost them timeouts? 

9- The Washington Redskins play the Miami Dolphins this week, and Dwayne Haskins should really talk with Josh Rosen pregame. Should Rose lead the Fins to an improbable victory, this could give Washington the leg up on the top pick (unless the Bengals are really that bad). Haskins could have a new coach come in Kingsbury style and draft a Tua or Herbert. 

10- Before I get into my Top 5 games of the week, let's state that Sunday Night Football is awful. The Chargers, who are so overrated every year, playing the Steelers with their third-string quarterback was something not known before the season, but this is a rough look for the NFL and I expect this to be the lowest-rated Sunday Night Game all season, especially head-to-head with an ALCS game that it will out rate, but not by as wide a gap as it otherwise should.

Five Games To Chew On

5 Texans @ Chiefs: The Texans are coming off of their most impressive win of the year, and Deshaun Watson is continuing to improve despite Bill O'Brien being his head coach. This could be the next great AFC Quarterback rivalry in the AFC, but in this game the Chiefs cannot afford to be giving up big plays and lose a second straight game to an AFC South opponent. A Texans win, and the Patriots will run away and hide with home-field advantage in the AFC.

4 Seahawks @ Browns: The Browns come back home on a short week, and they will need to find the Nick Chubb ground game that led to a 40-point outburst and win over the Ravens two weeks ago. The kitchen is getting hot, and nobody besides Bill Belichick is better at out-coaching a young head coach than Pete Carroll. Freddie Kitchens, coaching in a division still for the taking, can silence so many of his critics with the perfect game-plan to stop the leading MVP candidate in Russell Wilson right now. 

3 Eagles @ Vikings: The Eagles are over .500, which is not a good thing for Kirk Cousins. Cousins is coming off of his best game of the season, but that was versus a beat-up Giants defense, The Eagles have to be feeling confident after back-to-back impressive wins. Their defensive line destroyed the Jets offensive line. If they bring even half of that pressure, things could get ugly for Cousins. A win, though, for Minnesota, would mentally be enormous for that team in believing in their quarterback. 

2 Lions @ Packers: The Monday Night game finally has a beyond sexier matchup than the Sunday Night game. Off of the bye week the Lions will look to win their first major divisional test as they travel to Green Bay. This game will be all about defense, unlike the past Matt Stafford-Aaron Rodgers games where the focus has been offense. Two good pass rushes. The Lions find themselves in Week 6 with an opportunity to make those still not on their bandwagon realize they are for real as NFC North division championship threats. 

1 49ers @ Rams: A monster game for Los Angeles, which, with a loss, would fall three games back of the 49ers in the NFC West – and mark back-to-back losses in the division. The 49ers, though, are a machine. The matching of offensive minds in Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan should be fun to watch. For those without NFL Sunday Ticket, it is a shame this is a 4:05 ET kick as opposed to the National 4:25 kick because this game should be seen by all of America, in particular when the Sunday Night game is so bad on paper. 

My Picks

My first losing week of the week happened (thank you, Chiefs), leaving me at 9-6 for the season. For this week:

Titans +2.5 @ Broncos: Cody Parkey is back for revenge as a kicker, now a member of the Titans. Taylor Lewan sounded like a leader following the loss to the Bills, speaking of how their losing is unacceptable. The truth, though, is that they are the perfect 8-8 type team. They win when they are underdogs and have letdowns when they are favorites. They find themselves as road dogs here versus a team that is worse than them. Give me Tennessee to get right and win the game outright, capitalizing on some Joe Flacco turnovers. 

Saints +1 @ Jaguars: This is the oddest spread of the NFL to this point in 2019. What does Vegas know that we don’t? Call me a sucker, but I am all in. The Saints were dogs vs the Cowboys and won the game outright. Sean Payton can't figure out a way, with their defense, to beat Gardner Minshew and Leonard Fournette? Saints win this game outright as well. 

Jets +7.5 vs Cowboys: The Cowboys come in limping, losers of two in a row. In theory, their pass rush should feast on the Jets’ putrid offensive line. Though this is a big number, and the Jets should be getting a serious jolt at the quarterback position with Sam Darnold back from mono, the Jets defense will do just enough to keep this game tight, while the offense gets a rebirth, especially Le'Veon Bell, who should have his best game of the season. The Jets at the very least cover in a good late game.

Football Food of The Week

Coca-Cola Ribs. My foods have been under scrutiny over recent weeks, and yes Moose's Jalapeno Popper Wonton Cups shined bright in the public eye. So for this week, let's get sloppy. This is a simple recipe with a "Crock Pot" required.

Take a rack of ribs, one bottle of the BBQ sauce of your choice, and 1 can of Coca Cola (double the ingredients if you add another rack of rips). Sprinkle some salt, pepper, and garlic powder and throw it all in a crock pot on low heat for 10 hours. Stir every hour or so, and as it gets closer to finishing, every half hour. The sugar from the cola will pull into the ribs, mixed with the sauce tang, and the perfect touch of spice from the salt, pepper, and garlic, and you have an award-winning mixture on fall-off-the-bone ribs.

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