JLC: Dan Snyder Could Land Mike Tomlin

Jason La Canfora explains why Tomlin-to-Washington makes sense – for both sides

October 08, 2019 - 8:39 am
Steelers Mike Tomlin

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The Washington Redskins are looking for a head coach, and Mike Tomlin is reportedly atop Dan Snyder’s wish list.

Don’t think Tomlin would leave Pittsburgh to work for Snyder? Well, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

“Jon Gruden got 10 years, $100 million,” NFL Insider Jason La Canfora said on Ferrall on the Bench. “The situation that Dan Snyder is in right now, his covenant with his fans is fractured, broken, shattered. There are no Redskins fans buying jerseys, buying T-Shirts, buying Gatorades, buying beers. There’s nobody in the stands. They have completely tuned him out.”

And for good reason. The Redskins will soon miss the playoffs for the sixth time in seven seasons and haven’t won a playoff game since January 2006.

“Dan Snyder is trying to get a stadium built,” La Canfora said. “He’s trying to get a stadium built in downtown D.C., which is incredibly difficult. He doesn’t have anything else. Every other business he’s tried, has failed. This is it. This is what he has. He has to make this work, and he is as broken as he’s ever been. Throwing money and power and titles at Mike Tomlin is not remotely out of the question. In fact, it’s exactly what he wants to do.”

Tomlin, 47, has won a Super Bowl and coached the Steelers to another. But he may be interested in a career change – for many reasons.

“You’ve been in the situation in Pittsburgh where they have a paradigm that’s set, right?” La Canfora asked. “Personnel, GM is always going to trump coach; coach is not going to pick players; coach is not going to be among the highest-paid in the league. There are just certain things that are never going to happen for him in Pittsburgh that could happen (in Washington). You don’t go on a yacht with the Rooneys on the French Riviera. You’re not hanging out in Aspen with the Rooneys at the film festivals and everything else going on there. You’re not getting picked up in a helicopter and sent all over the world.

“Look, I never say never in this league,” La Canfora continued, “and look at the Steelers. They gave up a 2 and a 3 to move up and get Devin Bush. They gave up a 1 to get Minkah Fitzpatrick. They’re probably going to be picking in the top fight to eight picks, and they’re not going to have a first-round pick. Tomlin’s got one year left on his deal, and I’m not so sure he does an extension after this one. Joe Gibbs came back from the dead to coach the Washington Redskins because Dan Snyder put so much money in front of him he had to take it Eventually somebody takes it, and Snyder is dead-set on making a splash now. He has to. He has to get a buy-in from his fans someway, somehow.”

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