Ratto: Kaepernick Will Never See The Light Of An NFL Stadium Again

Seattle's workout charade was a "sham," Ray Ratto said, as the NFL's "old white guys" have made Kaepernick their ratings scapegoat 

April 13, 2018 - 8:42 am

USA Today Images


The Seattle Seahawks reportedly arranged to bring Colin Kaepernick in for a workout this week, only the trip was postponed when the 30-year-old declined to say whether he would stop kneeling during the anthem next season.

“Listen, I’m surprised that the Seahawks went through the sham of discussing bringing him in,” NBC Sports Bay Area columnist Ray Ratto said on Ferrall on the Bench. “Because it’s clear – and it’s been clear for more than a year – that the NFL is not going to let him in. He’s where they planted their flag on this. A bunch of very old white guys decided, 'Nope, nope. We’re starting to have trouble with ratings, and we need somebody to blame. It’s him.’ And it’s going to stay him. So I was not surprised that he said he wasn’t going to guarantee that he wouldn’t protest. He’s entitled to that. That’s a right as a citizen. 

“But what I am surprised at is that the Seahawks even thought about it,” Ratto continued. “I think the NFL has shown that when you need a scapegoat and they find one that works – and he’s one of the few that the NFL has found that works– they’re not going to let up on that. He’s never going to see the light of a stadium again – and that’s been clear for more than a year.”

Meanwhile, Kaepernick’s old team, the 49ers, have not parted ways with linebacker Reuben Foster, who has been charged with three felonies, including domestic violence. According to officials, the 24-year-old Alabama product attacked his live-in girlfriend, dragging her by the hair and punching her in the head upwards of 10 times.

“The fact that the 49ers have not yet seen fit to get rid of him is another black mark against team that, frankly, has shown intermittent signs of getting it and then they just went all in to keep this guy,” Ratto said, “and he might be the worst of the lot based on his history of trouble. And I don’t want to convict the guy until he’s actually convicted, but this looks awful. If I were the 49ers, I would say, ‘You’re suspended without pay until you get this figured out. Don’t come to this facility. Work out on your own if you have to. But you’re off the clock right now, and you stay off the clock.'"