Rams Reporter: City Of L.A. Didn't Care About Super Bowl Loss

The City of Angels wasn't exactly heartbroken Sunday night

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
February 05, 2019 - 9:47 am

USA Today Images


The Los Angeles Rams had a great season. They won the NFC West, won the NFC, and had a chance to tie the Super Bowl in the final minutes of regulation before ultimately losing, 13-3. Any other fan base would have been heartbroken Sunday night.

Los Angeles fans, however, were not. 

According to Rams and Lakers reporter Michael Duarte, it didn’t take the city long to move on.

“Did they ever even have to move on?” Duarte said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I ran a poll in the middle of the week on NBC LA asking, ‘What do you want to see by the end of Sunday: Did you want to see the Rams win and (have) a parade down Figueroa this week? Did you want to see the Lakers acquire Anthony Davis? Or did you want to see the Dodgers sign Bryce Harper?”

You probably know where this is going.

“Overwhelmingly, the answer was – over winning a championship for our city, especially over Boston, which is a sour point for us – they chose acquiring Anthony Davis,” Duarte said. “That tells you the pulse of Lakers fans and the Lakers being the top billing, especially with LeBron in our city. They always pretty much have been, especially with the Rams only being in the city for three years as an NFL franchise.”

After the Super Bowl, Duarte was ready to go on air and discuss what transpired in Atlanta. 

He never got the chance.

“Our news director was like, ‘You know what? I think our fans have already moved on. We’ll stick to this Lakers-Anthony Davis rumor,’” Duarte said. “As soon as the Rams lost, for us, it was, ‘OK, that’s over with. Let’s move on to Dodgers offseason moves and to Lakers trade rumors.’ That’s where we’re at now, and that’s where we were at throughout the week. Now that the Super Bowl is over and the Rams lost, that’s where everybody here in L.A.’s eyes turned to.”