Dunne On Robey-Coleman: "There's A Real Hatred There"

Nickell Robey-Coleman isn't a fan of Tom Brady and the Patriots

Ferrall On The Bench
January 29, 2019 - 9:37 am

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Nickell Robey-Coleman took center stage in the NFC Championship, and he may take center stage in Super Bowl LIII. In an interview with Bleacher Report’s Tyler Dunne, the Rams cornerback said he’s “got Buffalo blood running through (his) veins” and that he hates the Patriots because of their “arrogance.”

Oh boy.

“He is unlike most athletes you’ll see today,” Dunne said on Ferrall on the Bench “He (talks) with you on a very real level, and that’s him being real.”

Robey-Coleman, however, didn’t stop there. The former Bill said he wants to “stick a dagger” in the Patriots, remove it and “let them leak.” 

“Saying he wants to take that dagger and stick it in their chest and pull it out and watch them bleed, watch them leak – that is Nickell to a T,” Dunne said. “This is what he believes. There’s a real hatred there. He grew up those four years in Buffalo constantly losing to Brady, constantly battling Brady. I think that there is definitely some unfinished business for him personally. The beauty of it, though, is he put that target on his back. Tom Brady could throw at him and he’s going to have to back it up. He gets that. He wants that. He welcomes that.”

Robey-Coleman added that he believes the Super Bowl will be reminiscent of the bar scene in A Bronx Tale, with the Rams playing the role of Italian mobsters and the Patriots playing the role of the visiting biker gang that gets beat up.

“I wish you could see a video of Nickell when he’s breaking this all down because when he’s talking about the dagger and sticking it in and pulling it out, he’s doing that through the air,” Dunne said. “He’s acting it out. Same thing with that scene from A Bronx Tale. He’s acting like he’s grabbing a guy by the collar and pointing down at the black top. He just is very lively. He’s got that personality.”

Dunne asked Robey-Coleman if Brady’s game has aged. Robey-Coleman said yes.

“He said there’s signs of Tom Brady aging all over the place and that he’s going to reveal himself,” Dunne said. “He was open and honest about it. Him walking back the comments and saying they were taken out of context, that’s the Rams coaches bringing him into the principal’s office and slapping him on the wrist and telling him to behave. Let these guys say what they want to say. It’s not like Tom Brady is going to listen to everybody kissing his butt and say, ‘I’m going to take it easy on the Rams. They’re being really nice to me.’ He’s going to try to really (beat them) regardless of what they say. So if this gets Robey going, if this gets the Rams going, use it as fuel. I think he believes it."