Hammond: Rams Didn't Care About Missed PI Call

A missed call didn't mar the NFC Championship – at least not for the Rams

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
January 21, 2019 - 11:24 am

USA Today Images


On perhaps the most pivotal play of the NFC Championship on Sunday, Rams corner Nickell Robey-Coleman committed pass interference on Saints wide receiver TommyLee Lewis.

Only the officials didn’t call it. And it likely cost the Saints a Super Bowl berth.

Even Robey-Coleman would admit that.

“Look, he’s a real standup guy,” Orange County Register Rams reporter Rich Hammond said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “You can say what you want about the situation; you won’t find a much better guy than Nickell Robey-Coleman. He basically said, ‘Yeah, I thought it was pass interference.’ I don’t care who you are: Rams fans, Saints fan, anybody. I don’t think you can look at that play and say, ‘Well, maybe that wasn’t pass interference.’ There’s no question.”

Instead of running out the clock for a walk-off field goal, the Saints left the Rams 1:41 to tie the game, which they did – and ultimately won in overtime.

Don’t expect the missed call to mar the win – at least not from the Rams’ perspective.

“The Rams, I think, they were celebrating,” Hammond said. “I don’t think they really cared too much at the moment, if we’re being completely honest. But Nickell, I thought, was pretty forthright. He stood there doing interviews for at least a half hour. He was the last guy out of uniform on the whole team, so it wasn’t like he was hiding from it or trying to make excuses or lie or anything. He saw what everybody else saw: that it was a penalty. Everybody except for the officials, I guess. So he owned up to it.”

The Rams will face the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII on Feb. 3. Kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. ET.