Whittaker On Mostert: You Have To Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Raheem Mostert demanding more money is the right move, Fozzy Whittaker says

The DA Show
July 10, 2020 - 10:26 am
Raheem Mostert 49ers

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Raheem Mostert was the San Francisco 49ers’ best running back last season. He led the team with 772 yards and 10 touchdowns (eight rushing, two receiving). In his final nine games of the season, including the playoffs, he rushed for 760 yards and 12 touchdowns, this after rushing for 645 yards and two touchdowns in his first 44 NFL games combined.

And now he wants a raise, which the 49ers do not want to give. As a result, Mostert, 28, has requested a trade.

Is this the right move?

“I look at is as you got to strike the iron while it’s hot,” former NFL running back and current NFL analyst Fozzy Whittaker said on The DA Show. “With Mostert, he had an incredible postseason run right at the end of the season for the 49ers. He became that go-to guy, and I think whenever you’re in his position – starting to become a little bit older as a running back, you haven’t really had the same opportunities that you’ve kind of wanted to as a starter – whenever you create the most impact for a team and you kind of have your name circulating as one of the hot backs or up-and-coming backs at the moment, you definitely have to ask for as much money as you can.”

Mostert, 28, is slated to make $2.575 million in 2020 and $2.875 million in 2021. Based on annual value, he is the 49ers’ fourth-highest paid running back behind Jerick McKinnon, Kyle Juszczyk, and Tevin Coleman.

“We know that the running back position is very brutal,” Whittaker said. “Adrian Peterson alluded to the fact that the amount of money put into it is allowing the position to die. Coaches and management are trying to find the next Mostert on the cheaper price. Obviously we know everything is about money, so if the 49ers aren’t comfortable with it, they’ll find a way to get him out of there and bring somebody else in that they think can produce as well or better than Mostert on a cheaper price. 

“But from his standpoint, I completely agree with him,” Whittaker continued. “While you’re hot and at the top of your game, you got to try to ask for the most money because you may not get this opportunity again to be able to be in the same position where you have a little bit of leverage because of what you have done in the past year. It’s not like he’s asking for a Christian McCaffrey contract. There is a difference in what he’s asking for. He just feels that his worth should be valued a little bit more than what his current contract is. I completely agree with him.”

The 49ers went 13-3 last season and beat Green Bay in the NFC Championship. Mostert rushed for 220 yards and four touchdowns that day.

“Without him last year, that 49ers team would not have been the same in the postseason,” Whittaker said. “I think he definitely is going down the right path. Will he actually get an upgrade in his salary? I don’t know, but I applaud him for going out and having the courage to ask for it because this time may not come again for him in his career.”