NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Voluntarily Working for Free During COVID-19

Tim Kelly
April 29, 2020 - 2:13 pm

Though he was even more present than is typical during the event, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn't collect a cent during the league's virtual draft last week.

In fact, Goodell "volunteered to reduce his salary last month to $0" during the financial hardships that have been caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. There, of course, isn't a timeline for when Coronavirus will allow the world to go back to normal, so it's unclear how long Goodell won't collect a salary for. Schefter says, however, that Goodell's voluntary salary reduction went into effect in April.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Goodell is worth $150 million and makes over $40 million annually, so it isn't as though he'll struggle to pay bills during his indefinite salary respite. Still, it is a nice gesture during a time of crisis that could theoretically save some jobs.

Unlike the NBA, NHL and MLB, the NFL hasn't missed any games yet because of COVID-19. Still, while some actually preferred the virtual NFL Draft to the usual thing, the league had planned to host the draft in Las Vegas and certainly lost money by not having the usual fan events that go with it.

Additionally, it's entirely possible that fans will not be able to attend games in the 2020 season, which would put a dent in the league's revenue for 2020. John Ourand and Ben Fischer of Sports Business Daily wrote earlier this week that the NFL has contingency plans in place for the 2020 season, including a delayed start to the season and a Super Bowl in late February. So even if the NFL hasn't been hit by COVID-19 as hard as America's other three major professional sports leagues, they appear to be bracing for the reality that their turn is coming up.

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