Porter Jr.: "I'm A Mix Of Giannis And KD"

The Mizzou product also explained why Kevin Durant is better than LeBron James

The DA Show
June 18, 2018 - 1:08 pm

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Michael Porter Jr. is one of the top prospects in the NBA Draft and could be selected among the top 10 picks, if not the top five. Wherever he lands, Porter is confident he’ll succeed, especially given his comparisons to current and former NBA greats.

“Right now, I would say I’m a mix of Giannis and KD,” Porter said on The DA Show. “I like going to the hole a little more than KD does. I like bumping into people (and I’m) a little more physical than KD. But I like to shoot the ball a little more than Giannis. So that’s what I like to compare myself to – and also Tracy McGrady. I get compared to him a lot, and I like that one a lot, too. Those are three amazing players. It doesn’t feel bad to be in the same conversation as them.”

Porter especially welcomes the KD comparison, mainly because he thinks Durant is the best player in the NBA.

“First of all, KD is my guy, so I had to back up my guy,” Porter said. “Second of all, I always say LeBron is the best player in the NBA until he plays KD, and then I feel like KD for the most part gets the best of him. That’s just how I feel. I feel like KD scores a little bit easier on LeBron than LeBron scores on him. KD is a little bit of a problem for LeBron, so that’s why I say that. But they’re both up there with the best players in the NBA obviously.”

But doesn’t playing with so much talent in Golden State help Durant? Especially when he squares off against James?

“Actually, when you’re playing basketball, it’s actually easier to look good when you’re by far the best player on your team,” Porter said. “I feel like that's when you can really just have all the confidence and really just show out. So the fact that KD is doing this with all these other amazing players is something in itself.

“I think a lot of players, it’s tough for them to play with great players because they’re used to (having) the ball in their hand all the time,” Porter continued. “For KD, it just shows a lot about how good of a player he is, being able to go to a championship-caliber team and fit right in and make the team even better.”