Bell's Teammates "Tired Of Waiting Around"

Some of Le'Veon Bell's teammates have grown tired of his act

Reiter Than You
September 05, 2018 - 9:18 pm

USA Today Images


It remains to be seen when Le’Veon Bell will join the Pittsburgh Steelers, but his teammates aren’t happy about his absence – his offensive linemen, in particular. Guard Ramon Foster and center Maurkice Pouncey both criticized Bell Wednesday.


“Things have really changed since back in the day,” former All-Pro tackle and current Raiders commentator Lincoln Kennedy said on Reiter Than You. “Once upon a time in the locker room, players never got in the way of other players and their money and their contracts. If there was a guy holding out, it simply was part of the routine. Even if you were a player and you held out, you wouldn’t way anybody saying that you couldn’t do it.

“But times have changed now because guys want to win, and guys realize that they only have a short window to win,” Kennedy continued. “And when you have one of the better players on your team and he’s holding out – and it’s not like he’s being offered pennies. He’s offered a pretty good amount of money. I understand what he wants, but with Le’Veon Bell, this should be not anything new.”

It’s not. Bell held out each of the last two training camps and hasn’t been shy about commenting on his contract.

“I think his teammates are kind of used to this because he was the same one who was talking about contract situations last season during the playoffs when they were about to play the Jags and got their butts squashed,” Kennedy said. “Times have definitely changed, but guys are going to voice their opinions now because they’re tired of waiting around.”