Phil Savage "Shocked" To See Alabama Unravel

Nick Saban has lost games at Alabama, but not like that, Savage said

Taz and the Moose
January 11, 2019 - 10:41 am

USA Today Images


Days later, it is still difficult to make sense of the destruction that occurred at Levi’s Stadium this past Monday. Clemson didn’t just beat Alabama; it annihilated the Tide, 44-16. 

“I was shocked to see Alabama come unraveled like they did,” Arizona Hotshots GM and Sirius XM NFL analyst Phil Savage said on Taz & The Moose. “That’s the only game in 12 years where that’s happened. Bama certainly had some losses through the seasons, but nothing of that magnitude in terms of where everything that really could go wrong for them did: offensively, down in the red zone; defensively with the big plays, the explosive plays that were allowed; and then special teams. A missed extra point, the kick out of bounds, the ill-fated fake attempt – it just did not look like the same Alabama team that we’re accustomed to watching over the years.

“But I will say this,” Savage continued. “I had a sense all year long . . . that everybody wanted to put Alabama on this pedestal, and there were some cracks and chinks in the armor through the course of the regular season. Unfortunately, they all came to a head against a very good Clemson team. These were clearly the two best squads in the country. They very well could meet next year in the national championship.”

That wouldn’t be surprising. Clemson and Alabama have met in the College Football Playoff four years in a row, including three times in the national championship.

“Both are going to lose a ton of juniors to the NFL,” Savage said. “There’s not a lot of carryover from year to year because it’s going to be a different team next year, and of course Bama has already lost three assistant coaches. But I would say after today and once they get recruiting going again tonight and tomorrow, both of these teams will be pointing toward 2019 rather than worrying about what happened last Monday night.”