Pearson: Cowboys Releasing Dez Bryant Was A Mistake

"For me, it was a shock," Pearson said. "I wish the Cowboys had kept him"

Reiter Than You
April 18, 2018 - 8:44 am

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The Dallas Cowboys released Dez Bryant last Friday, and even though Drew Pearson knew that was a possibility, he still can’t believe it happened.

“For me, it was a shock,” the former Cowboys receiver said on Reiter Than You. “I knew it was a possibility, but I never knew it would come to that. In the 88 club – myself, Michael Irvin and Dez – when we join that club, we expect to not only have success as a Dallas Cowboy, but part of the great criteria is to retire as a Dallas Cowboy. I thought that would happen, but it didn’t happen for whatever reason, whether it be business, whether it be personal, whether it be a combination of both.”

Bryant was one of the top receivers in football from 2012-14, catching at least 88 balls for at least 1,2000 yards and 12 touchdowns each season. His production, however, waned in recent years. Last year, he caught 69 balls for 838 yards and six scores.

Still, many will miss him.

“Cowboy Nation, they’re in favor of Dez,” Pearson said. “They were disappointed about his release. They think he’s going to be motivated this year to come back and haunt the Cowboys, and they don’t think we can find anybody else to replace him. So they were somewhat disappointed that Dez did get released.”

Pearson, who played for the Cowboys from 1973-83, believes it was a mistake to release Bryant.

“As a member of the 88 club, I say yes,” Pearson said. “Because one of the things that we have in this club that makes us what we are is a DNA to be motivated when our back is against the wall. When someone tells us we can’t do something, we come out swinging. I came into the NFL as an undrafted free agent. Every time I stepped on the field – practice or a game – I wanted to prove people wrong. They told me I couldn’t do something by not drafting me. Michael Irvin came into the league and tore up his knee. Everybody said he’ll never recover, and if he does, he’ll never be a great receiver. What happened? He recovered, became a Hall of Famer and won three Super Bowls. 

“Dez has that DNA as well,” Pearson continued. “If he goes somewhere else, this is new motivation and this will propel him to have some success wherever he goes. I wish the Cowboys had kept him and kept him around – because the bottom line is what is out there? How do we replace this type of production, even though it’s been a drop-off in production? He’s still effective as a receiver, and I think he’ll get better. He’ll work on his game to improve his game so that he can become better."