Patriots' Dynasty "Greatest Feat In American Team Sports"

The Ringer's Robert Mays offered perspective on New England's success over the last two decades

Reiter Than You
January 23, 2019 - 8:50 am

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The Rams had a better season than the Patriots this year. They won more games, and they won more games away from home.

But The Ringer’s Robert Mays believes the Patriots will beat the Rams in Super Bowl LIII.

“The Patriots have a huge advantage because they have so many ways they can beat you,” Mays said on Reiter Than You. “If you took away one thing, they could go somewhere else. That’s what the Patriots have always been good at. The Rams have struggled with that this year. If you take away the running game, if you take away the play-action game and you make them be a drop-back team, they don’t play very well. But what I saw from Goff at certain moments Sunday, it’s like, ‘All right, maybe, let’s see what can happen.’ I think McVay is excellent, but if I had to pick a team right now, it would be New England. The Rams aren’t well-rounded enough in every area of who they can be schematically in order to deal with Belichick.”

A win over the Rams would give Tom Brady and Bill Belichick a sixth Super Bowl title, which would extend their record for most ever. 

If Brady beats the Rams, would he have an argument for greatest athlete of all time?

“Brady and Belichick are inextricable,” Mays said. “For as great as Tom Brady is – and even as someone who has been a Brady skeptic for so long and kind of leaned toward (Peyton) Manning for a long time in terms of overall talent – it’s hard to deny how good he is in these situational things. But the Chiefs scored 31 points and almost won that game. That’s why football is so hard. That’s why the idea of quarterback wins and playoff success is how we measure these guys is so silly to me. There’s 53 guys on a team. There are 22 starters. Your coaching staff has such impact on how good you are. 

“With Ali, you just get in the ring,” Mays continued. “With Jordan, it’s five guys. It’s really, really tough to do. For me, I sit back and I look at what the Patriots have done and I consider it the greatest feat in American team sports because of the level of difficulty. I think when you talk about it in regards to single people, it’s much, much more difficult to parse those legacies.”