Steelers Are "The Real Housewives Of Pittsburgh"

The drama is at an all-time high in Pittsburgh. "It's a house of horrors," Pat McAfee said

Tiki and Tierney
September 19, 2018 - 2:06 pm

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Former NFL punter Pat McAfee played his entire career in Indianapolis, but he was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – which he means he’s more than familiar with the Steelers.

The drama? It’s nothing new.

“It’s like the Real Housewives of Pittsburgh every single year,” McAfee said on Tiki and Tierney. “This is what happens whenever there’s success. They say if you win, there’s enough to go around – and that comes down to money. But now there’s drama everywhere.”

Le’Veon Bell’s holdout, Antonio Brown no-showing for work – the list goes on.

“Le’Veon Bell doesn’t feel as if he’s even respected, so for the second year he holds out of camp,” McAfee said. “Then it moves into the season. Then you’ve got his offensive linemen taking shots at him, which was never good. Running backs and offensive linemen are supposed to be tied at the hip. You’re supposed to be buying each other gifts and stuff like that.”

But again, drama is nothing new in Pittsburgh.

“This goes back to last year when James Harrison was bench pressing in the weight room screaming, ‘They got this sitting on the sidelines,’” McAfee said. “It just seems as if it’s a house of horrors.”

The Steelers typically overcome the distractions, but this year could be the exception.

“It seems as if toward the end of the year you can just go ahead and book it: the Steelers are going to figure out a way to maneuver and guide their ship through these rocky waters early,” McAfee said. “But their drama is at an all-time high over there. I don’t know how they get through it.”