McAfee: Kingsbury Outrage A "Peacock Situation"

Cell phone breaks during team meetings are a good idea, says McAfee.

The DA Show
March 28, 2019 - 1:01 pm

USA Today Images


Kliff Kingsbury has yet to experience his first game as a head coach in the NFL, but he’s already making headlines.

The Arizona Cardinals’ new head coach has announced that he will allow his players to take “cell phone breaks” during team meetings. Unsurprisingly, this new policy has received a bit of consternation from some of the more “old school” personalities around the league.  

“This is such a faux outrage by everybody,” former NFL Punter Pat McAfee said on The DA Show. “It’s just like the (Tom) Izzo situation where everybody feels that they’ve got to peacock and grandstand and be on one side or the other. Although he phrased it interestingly by saying it’s a ‘cell phone break,’ this type of thing has been happening since when I was in the league. The last half of my career it was happening, because a lot of studies done by a lot of smart people at smart universities have shown that it’s hard for people to focus for longer than like thirty or forty-five minutes straight. So, whenever you have a two-hour meeting, there’s a good chance at the back-half of that meeting nothing is happening.”

Kingsbury had a similar policy at Texas Tech, where he was head coach for the last six years. The 39-year-old San Antonio, Texas native was fired by the Red Raiders after three straight losing seasons.

McAfee wasn’t sure if Kingsbury would find success in the NFL with the Cardinals, but he seemed to doubt that any struggles would be because of cell phone breaks during lengthy team meetings.

“Breaks have happened in meetings, probably for the last decade or so around the NFL. The phrasing of it, that it’s strictly a ‘cell phone break’ I think was his issue here PR-wise. He’s a young guy, he’ll figure it out. I have no idea how he’s going to do as a head coach, but I think breaks in meetings are a good idea, because it can get a bit monotonous whenever your life is Groundhog Day for seven months, which is what the NFL season is.”

Kingsbury will face quite a challenge in Arizona. The Cardinals’ 3-13 record was the worst in the league last year. Thus, the team holds the first overall pick in April’s NFL Draft. Kingsbury has spoken about his admiration for QB Kyler Murray, despite the fact that Josh Rosen, the tenth pick in last year’s draft, still remains on Arizona's roster.

McAfee also pointed out the present-day realities of what goes on in team meetings and what goes on in society in general.

“In meetings, you’re breaking down film of everybody else in the room. So there’s maybe an hour where the left tackle has no idea or is not a part of the meeting at all, they’re talking about something else. Instead of having them sit there and just be monotonous, when they pretty much know their job, and learning little things about somebody else’s position. I think it’s a good idea to get a little refresher. We live in an ADD generation, it’s an instant gratification society right now, and I think that is something that is playing into all of this.”