Cam Newton Has "A Lot Of Tread Left On The Tire"

Panthers radio voice Mick Mixon explains why Newton is still an elite option under center

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
March 24, 2020 - 10:21 am
Cam Newton Panthers

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Cam Newton was the No. 1 overall pick in 2011 and has spent his entire career in Carolina. He’s a three-time Pro Bowler, an NFL MVP, and he led the Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2015.

His Carolina tenure, however, will soon come to a close, even if he didn't see it coming.

“You can’t believe it,” Panthers radio voice Mick Mixon said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I like cars. I’m a car guy. I’ve likened this in my mind to having a Maserati or a Ferrari in your garage. Do you want to be the owner of that exotic, temperamental sports car with top-end performance capability for days and horsepower and the sleek lines and all the sex appeal that it can bring you? Or do you want your neighbor to own it so you can look at it every once in a while but you don’t have to maintain it? Not that Cam is high-maintenance. But I just thought somebody would have jumped all over this by now.”

The Raiders, Chargers and Patriots, among others, could be an ideal landing spot for Newton, as the Panthers signed Teddy Bridgewater to a three-year, $63 million deal.

“There’s a lot of excitement here about Teddy Bridgewater,” Mixon said. “But just from a business side, Cam Newton has been such a part of the Panther brand for so long, it’s hard to imagine life without him up under center.”

Is it possible no one has made a move for Cam because he’s been injured and teams can’t conduct physicals right now?

“Oh, sure,” Mixon said. “If you’re going to own one of those sports cars, you’ve got to have a mechanic on speed dial. It’s the same way with Cam lately with needing the medical care and needing to get healthy. This much I know: Cam Newton’s got a lot of tread left on the tire, and when he does come back – whoever he’s playing for – the most exquisitely gifted dual-threat quarterback in NFL history will be mad at it. Whoever signs him will get the very best of what he has left to offer. He’ll want to prove all the doubters, all the haters, all the tweeters, the chatters, the bloggers, the Instagramers wrong. He’s a handful when he’s healthy.”