Yam: If Georgia Loses, Utah Is The Fourth-Best Team

Mike Yam has "no doubt" that Utah will make the playoff if it wins the Pac-12 and LSU beats Georgia

The DA Show
December 06, 2019 - 2:17 pm

Pac 12 Network analyst Mike Yam dropped by CBS Sports Radio to discuss the Pac 12 Championship between No. 5 Utah (11-1) and No. 13 Oregon (10-2) on Friday.

If the Utes win, they have a great chance of reaching the College Football Playoff.

“Tonight’s game is going to be competitive,” Yam said on The DA Show, “but as far as Utah being an elite program, there’s no doubt in my mind that as long as Georgia loses, they’re one of the four best teams. They’re going to be in the playoff.”

Yam believes that Utah, which is seeking its ninth straight win, could “absolutely” hang with No. 1 Ohio State (12-0), No. 2 LSU (12-0) and No. 3 Clemson (12-0).

And no, No. 6 Oklahoma (11-1) is not more deserving of a playoff bid than Utah.

“I think Ohio State is the best team in college football right now,” Yam said, “but Oklahoma is not going to be one of the four best. They are limping into potentially one of these bowl games. Think abut this: the committee has already had Utah, every single week, in front of Oklahoma without a win against a current Top 25, which means the committee is sitting there going, ‘Yeah, we’re football people, and we know Utah is a better football team.’ 

“The margin between 7 and 13, to me, is basically a push,” Yam continued. “What’s going to happen if Oklahoma beats Baylor? All of a sudden that’s going to be a significantly better win than Utah beating Oregon? I just don’t see it. I think the committee, there’s a reason why they’ve been in front of Oklahoma this entire time.”

If you aren’t familiar with Utah’s work, well, Friday is your opportunity.

“I think America knows that they are one of the elite defenses in the country,” Yam said. “They might not know that they are historically great against the run. Since ’96, they have the fourth-fewest yards per game allowed. They’re giving up 56 per game One guy has hit the century mark all season, and that’s Eno Benjamin at Arizona State. The beauty of this, though, if you’re a Utah fan, you could point to that and then say that their quarterback, Jayden Daniels, threw for 25 yards. So this defense, I think everyone understands it’s really good. I don’t know if they fully understand how good it is. And offensively, they’re a really complete team.”