Ortiz: Nothing Was Wrong With The Red Sox Last Year

John Farrell was fired in October after back-to-back 93-win seasons

The DA Show
March 19, 2018 - 11:49 am

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David Ortiz won three World Series championships with the Boston Red Sox, including one with John Farrell, who was fired last year after back-to-back 93-win seasons – and back-to-back losses in the ALDS. 

Was something wrong with the Red Sox toward the end of last season? Was something amiss?

Ortiz says no.

“I would say nothing was wrong,” the future Hall of Famer said on The DA Show. “They won the division. They had a good regular season. John had a good regular season. But I think the team wanted to go in a different direction with young players. They want to try something new. That’s fair for an organization. Every manager’s time, at some point, expires. I guess it was time for the Red Sox to move on. I guess that’s what they went to.”

The Red Sox weren't the only AL East team to fire a manager. Boston replaced the 55-year-old Farrell with 42-year-old Alex Cora, while the Yankees replaced 53-year-old Joe Girardi with 45-year-old Aaron Boone.

The Yankees, by the way, came within one win of the World Series last year, ultimately losing to Houston in a seven-game thriller.

“The Yankees last year, they had a good season, a good regular season with Girardi, and they passed the torch to someone else, to Aaron Boone,” Ortiz said. “I think that’s the new thing in baseball: (organizations) trying different things. Everybody pretty much in baseball is 20 years old right now. They want to have younger managers keeping up the relationship (with) players. That is something that I think is fair for the organization to do.”

The Red Sox won the AL East by two games last season. Many analysts believe the Yankees have enough to overtake them in 2018, especially after adding Giancarlo Stanton to an already-potent lineup.

Ortiz, who played for Boston from 2003-16, couldn’t bring himself to say that.

“No,” he said, laughing. “The Red Sox (are the favorite).”