Boselli: I Have A Problem With Whoever Filmed Drew Pearson

Tony Boselli knows what it's like to be a Hall of Fame finalist and not make it to Canton, and those emotions shouldn't be on camera

The DA Show
January 17, 2020 - 9:46 am

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has offered some heartwarming moments recently, as Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson found out live on camera that they were headed to Canton. Unfortunately, the Hall has offered some heart-wrenching moments, as Drew Pearson offered an anguished reaction to not being selected.

Former NFL offensive lineman Tony Boselli understands it entirely.

“This is the fourth year I’ve been a finalist, so I understand the emotions of not getting in,” Boselli said on The DA Show. “Hopefully I can experience the other emotions this year. Being considered for the Hall of Fame, being a finalist, is a huge honor by itself when you start looking at the players you’re mentioned with. That part is a huge honor, but at the same time, you’re competitive and you want to be considered the best. You understand that come Super Bowl weekend, there’s only going to be five of the 15 making it to the Hall of Fame. So it’s a mixed bag a little bit. While it’s exciting to be a part of the process and to be this far . . . if you don’t make it, there are those emotions of being disappointed. I don’t want to say angry, but just disappointment is the best way I can describe how you feel emotionally.”
Pearson, 69, played for the Cowboys from 1973 to 1983. He was a three-time All-Pro, led the league in receiving yards, won a Super Bowl and is a member of the 1970s All-Decade Team – the only member of that team, in fact, not in Canton.

Pearson said the Hall of Fame “broke my heart.”

“I think it was an honest reaction, and I was fine with it,” Boselli said. “I was disappointed [with] whoever [recorded] it and put it out – unless he was OK with it. I wouldn’t want that. I will say in the three years I’ve been a finalist when I did not get it, there was emotion – and there was probably some anger. But it was with just my family, those people closest to me. You say things, you share things out of frustration and disappointment and everything else – and that’s OK. You know what it tells us? It’s how important it is. It’s important to Drew Pearson. He was a great player, and when you’re a player of his caliber, you feel like you’re being snubbed and not being recognized for what you did and what you poured your life into. While the Hall of Fame isn’t trying to do that – the process is the process – it’s a natural reaction. I was fine with it, and I understand that feeling. Hopefully Drew Pearson gets in. Hopefully next year, or in the coming years, he’ll be one of the seniors that makes it into the Hall of Fame.”