Omar Epps: Tupac "Had A Clock Ticking In His Head"

Epps discussed his career, his new film, and working with Tupac, among other topics

December 05, 2019 - 8:48 am
Omar Epps

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Actor Omar Epps dropped by CBS Sports Radio to discuss his career, his sports fandom, and his new movie, 3022, among other topics.

“It’s pretty intense, but I think it’s a great film,” Epps said on Ferrall on the Bench, referring to the new sci-fi flick. “It touches on these big, human questions that we have about connection, family, love. It’s something that I think people will really enjoy because we’re all human and we’re all here on this planet. So that big what if, everyone thinks about at some point in life, and everyone thinks about that.”

The film, which also stars Kate Walsh and Miranda Cosgrove, among others, follows a group of astronauts living in space who discover that earth has suffered an extinction-level event.

“It was challenging because the idea of the film is something you can’t fathom,” Epps said. “You literally can’t fathom it. You can’t imagine it. So playing in that uncomfortable space was really fun. I just hope people enjoy it.”

Epps, 46, is known for Love and Basketball, In Too Deep, Higher Learning, and The Wood, among other films, and has appeared in a number of incredible shows, including ER, House, and This Is Us. Epps’ first film was Juice, which also starred Tupac Shakur.

“Working with Tupac was amazing,” Epps said. “We were literally puppies. I was 17, Tupac was 19, he was just writing his first album and he was just really a powerful personality and just a powerful spirit. He had a vision. To see how his career evolved and to see how it blossoms, I just was so proud of him and happy for him because early on in the beginning, he saw it. You know how they say hindsight is 20/20, but when I do recall those memories and times with him, it always seemed like he had a clock ticking in his head. His work ethic was phenomenal and he was always writing – 24/7, always writing. That’s another circumstance that I was so fortunate to not only work with him, but that was our first film.”

Epps, who is from Brooklyn, grew up a Yankees fan and a Cowboys fan. 

“Tony Dorsett was my favorite player,” he explained. “I used to play Pop Warner football and he was kind of my hero. I was a running back, too. That was my guy growing up. But I’m a Nets fan and still a Yankees fan.”

Epps loved football but realized at an early age that acting was safer.

“I played all the way up to high school and I got hit really hard a few times and I was like, I’ve been thinking about this acting thing,” Epps said, laughing.

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