Luck: XFL Gambling Lines Will Be "Right In Front Of You"

The XFL will feature live betting lines on-screen during games

The DA Show
February 06, 2020 - 10:58 am

With the XFL returning this weekend, football fans will be able to fill the February void. Gamblers might be especially happy.

That’s because the XFL will feature live betting lines on-screen during games.

“As we all know, people gamble on sports and they like to do that,” XFL commissioner Oliver Luck said in studio on The DA Show. “We want to engage with those fans who are doing that. I think we’re taking the next step, if you will, and making sure people are aware of what the line is, over/under, etc., during the course of a game. My job as commissioner is to make sure that we retain the integrity that any league needs. So we’ve got to be a little bit careful, but I think this step is a pretty simple one because all we’re doing is providing information that’s already available to most folks, but this is a simple and easy way to see it. If you’re not aware of what the over/under is or what the line is, there it is. It’s right in front of you.”

If the gambling aspect doesn’t excite you, the play on the field should.

“I’m convinced, based on what I saw in training camp, that we’re going to have some pretty good football,” Luck said. “We’ve got a good caliber of player. I think a notch better, if you will, than the Alliance. That’s in large part because we were able to get some quarterbacks. You need quarterback play to have good overall play. Getting a guy like Matt McGloin or Cardale Jones or Josh Johnson – those are guys that I think the Alliance was interested in, quite honestly, but for whatever reason couldn’t close the deal. I think the quarterback play is going to set us apart from where the Alliance was. And you’re right: the Alliance was pretty darn good football. I enjoyed watching it.”