Wuerffel: Chase Young "Unlikely" To Win Heisman

Chase Young winning the Heisman would be "exciting to see," Danny Wuerffel says, but it probably won't happen

Tiki and Tierney
October 28, 2019 - 7:12 pm

Chase Young had himself a day in Ohio State’s 38-7 win over Wisconsin on Saturday. Young, the potential No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft, was a one-man wrecking crew, recording 4.0 sacks and forcing two fumbles.

Could Young become the first defensive player to win the Heisman Trophy since Charles Woodson in 1997?

“You’re making a good point by asking the question. That’s what gets it on the minds of people,” 1996 Heisman winner Danny Wuerffel said on Tiki & Tierney. “I think one thing would have to happen: it would probably need to be in a year where someone else didn’t have a spectacular season. Or maybe two or three guys were great but they kind of all fit the same profile, and here’s someone that looks different that’s exceptional.”

Eleven of the previous 13 Heisman winners have been quarterbacks. The two that weren’t? A pair of Alabama running backs: Mark Ingram and Derrick Henry.

Young’s top competition for the Heisman this season includes LSU’s Joe Burrow, Oklahoma’s Jalen Hurts, Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa, and Ohio State’s Justin Fields.

Fields and Young have been quite the one-two punch for the Buckeyes (8-0), who are undefeated and ranked third in the country.

“It would definitely have to be someone on an amazing team,” Wuerffel said. “You’re looking at a team that probably has to be undefeated or a one-loss team that’s in the national-championship hunt and their defense potentially has won a game or two for them and you can’t overlook it. I think those are some of the scenarios. It is a bit unlikely, but I think it would be exciting to see.”

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