Oakland's Mike Fiers: "I Was Always A Gamer"

Fiers became the 35th pitcher in MLB history to throw multiple no-hitters, this after dominating the Reds in a 2-0 win Tuesday

Zach Gelb
May 09, 2019 - 1:05 pm
Oakland's Mike Fiers

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Oakland’s Mike Fiers became the 35th pitcher in MLB history to throw multiple no-hitters, this after dominating the Reds in a 2-0 win Tuesday. Fiers also had a no-no as an Astro in 2015, blanking the Dodgers on 134 pitches.

With his second no-no, Fiers joins an impressive list that includes Nolan Ryan, Sandy Koufax and Randy Johnson.

Being in the same sentence with those pitchers is a surreal feeling.

“Of course,” Fiers told Zach Gelb, who was filling in as host of After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “Watching a lot of those guys growing up and how I idolized some of those guys, the guys I came up watching were Maddux, mostly the Braves – Smoltzie, Tom Glavine, guys like that. Just to see what they’ve done, I tried to learn so much as a kid. And then watching the Marlins being in South Florida with Beckett and (Brad) Penny and some of the big-name guys, it’s crazy. And now I’m kind of doing similar things that they were doing. I’m just happy to be here.”

Interestingly, the game was delayed 98 minutes due to a lighting malfunction at Oakland Coliseum. Fiers, however, stayed mentally sharp in the clubhouse.

“There was always a chance of the game being canceled, but in my mind, I had to stay locked in,” he said. “I was just kind of hanging out with the guys inside. We were able to play through it.”

Fiers was aided by two brilliant defensive plays in the sixth inning. Jurickson Profar made a diving catch in short right to rob Kyle Farmer of a hit, and Ramon Laureano robbed Joey Votto of a home run in centerfield.

“Just a big smile on my face,” Fiers said of his reaction to those plays. “Just grateful I got these guys behind me playing for me, fighting for me. The little blooper behind first base, Profar is going back and just laying his body on the line for me. Once he came up with that, the next pitch was a curve ball to Votto and he looked like he was just all over it. He hit it pretty well to center and Laureano went up and caught it. I was just amazed again, but he does that on a daily basis with his ability to run fast and jump high. It’s just great to have those guys behind us. As a pitching staff, you can’t say enough about these guys because they work their tails off and they just want the best for you.”

Fiers, 33, has pitched for the Brewers, Astros, Tigers and Athletics. He was drafted in the 22nd round of the 2009 Draft and is 57-58 in his career.

“I was always a gamer,” he said of his journey to the big leagues. “I wasn’t a guy that threw that hard, but I definitely knew how to pitch and I just wanted to ride that out as long as I could. My high school team was actually really good and I kind of had to choose between pitching and hitting. I chose pitching over hitting because I was pretty bad with the bat. It just took off from there. I didn’t throw hard, but I still put up good numbers. I was a gamer, I was out there giving everything I had, and just going out there and competing. Every level I was at, I did well. I pitched well. It was pretty much sticking with it and just doing everything I could to give myself an opportunity to play pro ball.”

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