Gruden Has Been Out Of Coaching, Not Football

Jon Gruden hasn't coached a down in 10 years, but he has studied all 32 NFL teams every year for the last decade, Amy Trask said

Reiter Than You
August 08, 2018 - 10:14 pm

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It remains to be seen whether Jon Gruden can lead the Raiders back to the playoffs, but know this: a lot of people will pay money to find out.

“There’s two issues here,” former Raiders executive and current CBS Sports NFL analyst Amy Trask said on Reiter Than You. “There’s on-field success, and there’s business success. The Raiders have said to the Bay Area, ‘Bye, Felicia.’ The Raiders are on their way to Las Vegas with a minimum of one season – maybe two or so – left in the Bay Area. Jon Gruden is going to energize that Bay Area fan base and perhaps take their mind off the fact that the team is leaving, and he is going to help the organization in terms of buzz and chatter to sell extremely expensive products in the Vegas market. 

“So from a business standpoint, it was a very, very shrewd move,” Trask said. “And you know what? All of us in the sports world are now waiting with bated breath to see how it works out on the field.”

On the one hand, the Raiders are just one season removed from 12-4, playoffs, and Derek Carr as an MVP candidate. On the other hand, Gruden hasn’t coached a down in 10 years.

That, however, might not matter.

“Some people say he’s been out of the game, but he hasn’t been out of the game,” Trask said. “He’s simply been out of coaching. One could make an argument that because he studies 32 teams each of his years in the booth, he’s got an advantage in that regard. So it’s fascinating to see how it works on the field, but very shrewd off-field move.”

The Raiders open the season against the Rams on Monday Night Football on Sept. 10. Kickoff is at 10:20 p.m. ET.