Piscotty: "We're Going To Break Out"

The Athletics got off to a slow start, but Stephen Piscotty believes another playoff berth is within reach

Tiki and Tierney
June 04, 2019 - 6:12 pm

In 2018, the Oakland Athletics had a great year, winning 97 games and making the postseason after a three-year absence. Unfortunately, they lost to the Yankees in the Wild Card.

This year, the A’s (29-30) struggled out of the gate and trail the AL West-leading Astros (41-20) by 11 games. There is, however, a lot of baseball left.

“I think we’re doing OK,” Oakland outfielder Stephen Piscotty said on Tiki & Tierney. “We’re obviously not happy with a bit of a slow start. We had a slow start last year, but that’s no excuse. It’s better to get out of the gate coming out hot.”

The A’s started the year 6-8 and 15-21. They rank 20th in the majors in batting average (.244), 18th in OBP (.318) and 14th in runs (290). Their team ERA is 4.18, which ranks 11th.

“I think last year was a tremendous year,” Piscotty said. “A lot of guys, including myself, and career years, and this year we’re struggling a little bit. But one thing that is apparent to me is last year we didn’t have all that much expectation and we burst on the scene and now we have this expectation. In baseball, it’s a tough thing to handle. I think we’re kind of going through that, figuring out how to handle that. But the fact of the matter is we got good and we’re going to have to learn and figure out how to handle that expectation. I have no doubt that we will, but it may just take a little bit of time. 

“We’ve had some injuries that kind of hurt us a little bit,” Piscotty continued. “This year we haven’t been at full health, but we’ve had a lot of guys step in and do a great job. So we’re kind of in this in-between, but give it a couple weeks. I think we’re going to break out here and start winning a lot of ball games.”

Piscotty also shared his thoughts on how hitters approach at-bats, as well as an incredible story about how the A's and Cardinals worked together to bring Piscotty closer to his mother before her death in 2018. Click below to listen to Piscotty's interview in its entirety.