Nutt On Browns Taking Mayfield No. 1: "I Think It's Good"

The talent is there, Nutt said, but the Browns will need to keep him in line

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
April 27, 2018 - 7:48 am

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The Cleveland Browns drafted Baker Mayfield No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft Thursday, leading to a wide range of reactions from analysts both college and pro.

CBS Sports Network college football analyst Houston Nutt liked the pick.

“I think it’s good,” he said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I’ve got to see Baker Mayfield throughout his career and we all know on the field there’s the guy who’s a competitor, there’s no question about it, a winner – a Heisman Trophy winner as well. He’s a competitor. When it’s 3rd-and-7, he finds a way to get eight, he can extend plays, he can improvise when something breaks down and he can make some crazy throws – all of those things. I bet there’s a lot of people excited in Cleveland. I really do.”

Mayfield completed 70.5 percent of his passes for 4,627 yards, 43 touchdowns and just six interceptions last season, leading Oklahoma to a Big 12 championship and College Football Playoff appearance. But many people grew tired of his antics, whether it was the flag-plant or the crotch-grab or something else entirely.

The Cleveland coaching staff will need to keep Mayfield in check.

“When that quarterback coach or that head coach talks to Baker Mayfield,” Nutt said, “I think the biggest thing that needs to come across to Baker is, ‘We picked you. We could have picked any other five, six or seven quarterbacks, but we picked you and we picked you first. We’re holding you accountable. We believe in you and we really believe in you on the field, but we want to believe in you in the locker room. We want to believe in you when it’s Saturday night and we’re going to somebody’s birthday party. We want to believe in you at all times because we know that you can get the job done. We don’t want to lose the edge, but there’s a fine line.'"