No News Is Good News For Urban Meyer

"The longer this goes, that’s good news for Urban Meyer," Ohio State insider Dave Biddle said

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
August 03, 2018 - 8:23 am

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On Wednesday evening, Ohio State placed Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave, leading to speculation that he would soon be terminated. That, however, has not happened.

247Sports Ohio State insider Dave Biddle believes that no news is good news for Meyer.

“I think the longer this goes, that’s good news for Urban Meyer,” Biddle said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “Maybe we’ll hear something later (Friday). If we don’t hear something later today, I think that bodes well for Urban Meyer.”

As it stands, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Ryan Day is interim head coach. 

“Young dude – he’s 39 years old,” Biddle said. “His first year with Ohio State was last year. Chip Kelly disciple. He played quarterback for Chip Kelly at New Hampshire when Chip Kelly was a coach there and was under Chip Kelly in the NFL with the Eagles and the Niners. Really bright guy. He’s just one of those guys you interview and you’re like, ‘Okay, yeah, he’s got the it factor. He’s a future head coach.’”

Key word being future.

“Is Ryan Day ready to be the head coach at Ohio State full time? I don’t think so,” Biddle said. “I think he’d be over his head. But he is a rising star and a very bright offensive mind. I think long-term he could be a head coach at Ohio State or one of the powerhouse programs in college football. But as a rookie head coach, being thrust in the fire this late, it’d be tough sledding. But if Urban does lose his job, it looks like Ryan Day would be the coach at least for this season.”

Ohio State opens against Oregon State on Sept. 1.