Garoppolo On Rehab: "Still A Ways To Go"

Jimmy Garoppolo, who tore his ACL last September, said his rehab is "moving in the right direction"

The DA Show
May 08, 2019 - 1:20 pm

Jimmy Garoppolo was supposed to lead the San Francisco 49ers to the playoffs last season, but he never got the chance. He suffered a torn ACL in the Niners’ third game of the season last September.

The 27-year-old is still going through rehab.

“It’s different types of workouts,” Garoppolo said on The DA Show, when asked about his recovery. “Once you lose the crutches, just walking is a bit of a workout. Your body, it acclimates and comes along as the rehab goes, but we’re basically back to doing just about everything. Running, cutting, throwing – all that good stuff. We’ve definitely come a long way. We still got a ways to go, but we’re moving in the right direction.”

The Niners finished 4-12 in Jimmy G’s absence, missing the playoffs for the fifth straight season. But after drafting Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel, among others, the Niners expect to contend in the NFC West.

“I think they did a real good job,” Garoppolo said of the organization. “They’re bringing in good people and the right people for our team. It’s our job as veterans, once they get here, to lead them in the right direction, show them what our standard is around the locker room, and this thing will come together very nicely.”

Expectations were sky-high for San Francisco last season and remain high heading into Week 1. Garoppolo, though, said he’s not feeling added pressure.

“No, no pressure,” he said. “We’re going to put more pressure on ourselves within our locker room, and we have higher expectations for ourselves than anyone. As long as we take it day by day, small steps and get the team right, we’ll be moving in the right direction. We’re excited to get back out there.”