Alabama More Dominant Than Golden State? Maybe

Who has a better chance of winning a title this season: Alabama or Golden State? Jake Trotter isn't sure.

Reiter Than You
November 06, 2018 - 10:28 am

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It’s one thing to beat No. 3 LSU in Death Valley at night; it’s another thing to shut them out.

Well, that’s what No. 1 Alabama (9-0) did this past Saturday. The Tide won 29-0 and appear light years ahead of every other team in college football.

That begs a fun sports debate. Who has a better chance of winning a championship this year: Alabama or Golden State?

“I’m not so sure what the right answer is,” ESPN College Football Writer Jake Trotter said on Reiter Than You. “If you look at this Alabama team, it’s just like every other Alabama team we’ve seen under Saban: they’re great across the board. The difference is they might have the best quarterback in college football. As dominant as they have been under Saban, I think this might be the best team he’s had.”

Alabama has won every game by at least 22 points. The defense has held four SEC opponents to 10 points or fewer, and Tua Tagovailoa has 30 touchdowns (27 pass, three rush) and one interception on the season.

“The only kind of team that can beat Alabama is a team that can outscore Alabama,” Trotter said. “You saw that Saturday in Death Valley. You can have a great defense; eventually you’re going to have to score points against Tua to keep up. Somebody like Oklahoma, Kyler Murray – I think that is the kind of team that might have a chance with Alabama. I don’t think you’re stopping this team; you better have the best offense in college football – and then maybe you got a shot.”

But a team relying on defense? A team without an explosive offense? Good luck.

“You saw Clemson last year in the playoffs,” Trotter said. “They had a great defense last year and they got shut out just like LSU did. You have got to be able to score points to beat Alabama. Otherwise you’re going to have a very hard time. It’s kind of like Golden State. You’re not going to hold them down for an entire game.”