NFL Writer: If Rams Win Super Bowl, Todd Gurley Is MVP

Forget about Tom Brady versus Jared Goff. Todd Gurley is "the key" on Sunday, Joe Curley says

January 31, 2019 - 9:33 am

USA Today Images


With Super Bowl LIII just days away, many of the storylines continue to center on Bill Belichick versus Sean McVay and Tom Brady versus Jared Goff. While those will be key matchups to watch, there is another – perhaps more important – matchup to consider:

Todd Gurley against the Patriots linebackers.

“I think Gurley is the key,” Ventura County Star Rams reporter Joe Curley said on Ferrall on the Bench. “If the Rams win the Super Bowl, Todd Gurley is probably the MVP. I don’t see a linebacker for New England that can cover him in the passing game. Just look at what Damien Williams did in the AFC Championship Game, eating the Patriots alive in the second half. I think Todd Gurley can do that and more. If Todd Gurley is himself this weekend, the Rams got a great chance to win this game.”

Williams rushed 10 times for 30 yards and a touchdown against New England in the AFC Championship Game. He also caught five balls for 66 yards and two scores. If Gurley hits pay-dirt three times, well, the Rams will be sitting pretty.

Ultimately, though, Curley believes the Super Bowl will be a coin-flip game.

“It’s tough to bet against Bill Belichick, and it’s tough to bet against Sean McVay,” he said. “Hearing people talk about this game, I don’t think there’s a wrong answer. I think it’s that close. I think it’s a coin-flip game. I think you could make a good argument on both sides because I think these are two head coaches you can really believe in, really trust.

The Rams’ experience – or lack thereof – is a factor to consider, but once the bright lights come on, Curley expects the Rams to settle in. 

“I think once they get to Sunday, i think everything else kind of goes away,” he said. “But there is an experience (gap) in this game. One team has been there nine teams. One quarterback, one coach has been there nine times, and it’s the first time for the other side. That is something you have to overcome. I certainly think it’s part of the equation.”