Patriots "The Villain That Won’t Die In Horror Movies"

Joe Curley shared his thoughts on Chargers/Patriots and Cowboys/Rams, among other NFL topics

January 10, 2019 - 9:16 am

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After beating the Seattle Seahawks in the Wild Card last weekend, the Dallas Cowboys are a trendy pick to beat the Rams (13-3) in L.A. this Saturday.

Why is that?

“It’s got to be recency bias,” Ventura County Star Rams reporter Joe Curley said on Ferrall on the Bench. “The Cowboys beat a really good Seattle team the other night, they looked really good doing it, and certainly the last couple times the Rams were on national television, they didn’t look very good against the Bears and the Eagles. They kind of got their feet under them against some of those lesser teams in the NFC West the last couple weeks (of the season), but I do think it’s underrated that this team has been sitting there resting on the bye. Sean McVay, everyone wants the next Sean McVay, he’s been sitting at home working on his game plan for two weeks. I think all the games this week could be coin flips, but I would be surprised if the Cowboys pull off the upset in L.A.”

Curley would not be surprised, however, if the Chargers beat the Patriots in Foxboro.

“The Patriots don’t have a ton going for them, but how many times have we written off that team and then they’re the villain that won’t die in the horror movies?” Curley joked. “As long as the weather doesn’t turn, as long as it’s not a snow bowl, I would definitely lean Chargers on the road.”

That’s been a safe bet all season. The Chargers are 8-1 away from home, with wins at Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Denver, and Baltimore, among others.

“They’re super balanced,” Curley said. “I think their front is really going to give New England a lot of protection issues. (The Chargers have) won in . . . some of the toughest places to win in football. When you consider the Patriots ended so many great Charger teams’ seasons, it would kind of be fitting for Philip Rivers to go into Foxboro and get a win and maybe finally get to that Super Bowl by beating the team that’s ended so many great years of his.”

Kickoff is Sunday at 1:05 p.m. ET.