Bedard: An 18-Game Season Is Inevitable

Greg Bedard explains why the NFL will implement an 18-game schedule in the coming years

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
August 05, 2019 - 9:30 am
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If you’re a fan of the NFL’s 16-game regular season, well, enjoy it while it lasts. Boston Sports Journal’s Greg Bedard believes an 18-game season is inevitable.

“I think eventually it will happen,” Bedard said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I don’t know if it’s this CBA, but I think it should happen. The owners get 10 games of income right now; they not just going to take away preseason games without making up that revenue. The only way to do that and to do better is to take off two from the preseason and put two on the season. I’m sure there’s a smart way to do it with an extra bye week, expand the roster and things like that.”

Bedard said the players should fight for whatever they want in the next CBA, including a better system of discipline and a commissioner who is approved by the owners and the players.

“The players have all the power,” Bedard said. “If they would just decide to seize it one of these years and band together and say, ‘Look, we’re not playing until we get what we want.’ I just don’t think they’re going to do that.”

Which is one reason why an 18-game season is likely inevitable.

“There’s a way to do it,” Bedard said. “The players, if you put more zeroes in front of the players, they’ll agree to just about anything. That’s the only way to do it. I think it will happen at some point with an extra bye and expanded rosters, but we’ll have to see.”

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