Myers: Jets "A Completely Dysfunctional Operation"

The Jets fired Mike Maccagnan on Wednesday, which makes "absolutely no sense," Gary Myers says

May 16, 2019 - 9:03 am
Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan

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In a surprising if not stunning move, the New York Jets fired general manager Mike Maccagnan on Wednesday, this after reported friction between Maccagnan and head coach Adam Gase.

“What a completely dysfunctional operation, which is nothing really new if you’ve paid attention to the Jets for the last 50 years,” NFL columnist and author Gary Myers said on Ferrall on the Bench. “If they’re going to fire Maccagnan, then fire him after the season when they fire Todd Bowles. It makes absolutely no sense to have a major say in the hiring of Adam Gase, to spend $120 million on guaranteed money in free agency, and then make the third pick in the Draft with Quinnen Williams. All these decisions (will shape) the Jets future for the next four or five years, and then two weeks after the Draft to dump him – there’s more to this story than perhaps just Gase and Maccagnan not seeing eye-to-eye. It really makes no sense.”

With the move, the Jets, in essence, gave Gase the keys to the castle. Gase, by the way, is 23-25 as a head coach with zero playoff victories.

“No other team was interested in Adam Gase after the season other than the Jets,” Myers said. “You’d think he would just be grateful to have this opportunity after the Dolphins were really for the most part a train wreck for three years there. He did not do a very impressive job there, and he was fortunate that he was out of work for about 10 days. And then he gets on this power trip with the general manager who’s very instrumental in hiring him and pretty much stabs him in the back and creates a division and friction within the organization between him and the general manager.”

Gase was (is?) reportedly angry about the amount of money the Jets spent on Le’Veon Bell, who signed a four-year, $52.5 million contract in March.

“He didn’t get nearly as much as he thought he was going to get,” Myers said. “Everybody thought the Jets got him for 70 cents on the dollar, and now you’re hearing that Gase thought that they completely overpaid for him. I don’t think it’s Gase’s business really how much Maccagnan is paying for the players. You just coach the players that the GM gives you.” 

Given what transpired in Pittsburgh, Bell probably isn’t happy that his new head coach is questioning his value.

“He basically was shrugging his shoulders at it,” Myers said of Bell, “but how can you walk into a new situation and have the story being that the GM gets fired and part of the reason is that the head coach didn’t want you on his team or thought you were overpaid? It’s got to affect their relationship.”

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