Archuleta: Be Patient With Garoppolo, Watson

Jimmy Garoppolo and Deshaun Watson weren't great in Week 1, but fans shouldn't overreact to either performance, Adam Archuleta says

Reiter Than You
September 11, 2018 - 8:38 am

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Jimmy Garoppolo and Deshaun Watson entered the 2018 season with sky-high expectations. Their Week 1 performances, however, left much to be desired.

Garoppolo finished 15-of-33 for 261 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions in a 24-16 loss to the Vikings, while Watson finished 17-of-34 for 176 yards, one touchdown and one interception in a 27-20 loss to the Patriots.

Should fans be worried about either QB?

“No, I don’t think so, but it reminds you – look, we all want to get carried away,” CBS Sports NFL analyst Adam Archuleta said on Reiter Than You. “We all want to look to see who are the next stars of our league going to be. We really want to see that, especially when you’re talking about quarterbacks. For both of those guys to do what they did last season for a handful of games, it gave a lot of people hope – not only the fans of those franchises, but people across the league that want to see the young guys get the torch passed to them.

“But I think it reminds us also that it’s hard to play quarterback in the National Football League,” Archuleta continued. “I don’t care who you are. Maybe Brady and Rodgers are the rare exception. It’s hard to be able to play at that high, high level week in and week out.”

Garoppolo and Watson set the NFL on fire last season, with Garoppolo going 5-0 as a starter and Watson being a statistical dynamo with his arm and his legs.

“I kind of look at it like the stock market,” Archuleta said. “It’s never going to go all the way up, and those guys had a pretty nice little bull run last season. And so, there might be a little bit of a correction. It’s going to be a zig-zag line. It’s not going to be just perfect every single week. It’s extremely difficult to play at a high level in the National Football League, but I think what they did show last year is they are capable of overcoming these poor starts and there still is cause for optimism. By no means should you overreact over Week 1, but just understand they’re not going to be the greatest of all time every single game in just their first two years as starting quarterback.”

Andrew Luck, meanwhile, played football for the first time since Jan. 1, 2017. He finished 39-of-53 for 319 yards, two touchdowns and one interception in a 34-23 loss to the Bengals on Sunday.

“There had to be a huge sigh of relief,” Archuleta said. “He had the interception early in the red zone, but I thought for a guy that hasn't played, I thought he played extremely well. I thought some of his teammates let him down. They were certainly in a position to win that game. They’ve got a very young defense without a lot of proven stars on that side of the ball, but all things considered, I think you have to be extremely pleased.”