"Shame On Belichick" For Ignoring "Glaring Needs"

The Patriots are struggling because of Bill Belichick – not Tom Brady's age

Reiter Than You
December 21, 2018 - 8:48 am

USA Today Images


The New England Patriots have lost back-to-back games twice this year, they’ve lost five games for the first time since 2009, and they just lost their leading receiver, Josh Gordon, to suspension.

But don’t pin their struggles entirely on Tom Brady, who is closing in on 4,000 yards with 24 touchdowns and nine interceptions.

“It’s not just Tom Brady. It’s the entire team,” FS1 NFL analyst Ephraim Salaam said on Reiter Than You. “Rob Gronkowski, he looks like me out there playing tight end right now.”

Gronkowski has three catches or fewer in five of his last six games. He had two catches for 21 yards in a 17-10 loss to the Steelers last Sunday.

“No. 1, shame on Bill Belichick for not addressing the glaring needs they had, including defense,” Salaam said. “We saw what the lack of a defense can do for you in a Super Bowl. Also, the glaring need of bringing in legitimate offensive weapons on the outside. They love to do this piecemeal thing: ‘Oh, well find them when we find them. We’ll get them when we get them. And then we’ll build them into the players we want them to be.’ But when you have a 40-plus-year-old quarterback, you don’t have time to do that.”

Without Gordon, the Patriots’ top two pass-catchers are 32-year-old Julian Edelman and running back James White. Is that enough to win a Super Bowl?

Time will tell.

“This all goes into the discord we saw rear its head at the end of last season, where Kraft, Brady and Belichick weren’t on the same page,” Salaam said. “Josh McDaniels came back, and in my opinion, he was promised a head-coaching job if he would come back, if he would renege on going to the Colts. So I just think that there’s more going on underneath – not just the age of Tom Brady. But that doesn’t help at all.”