Gresh: Patriots Fans Want To Ride It Out With Brady

Patriots fans would rather see Tom Brady "turn into Vinny Testaverde" than see him play anywhere else, Andy Gresh says

August 06, 2019 - 8:15 am
Tom Brady Patriots

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Tom Brady, 42, signed a two-year extension with the New England Patriots on Monday, which is an extension in name only. The deal bumped Brady’s salary to $23 million this season, but he will still be a free agent in 2020.

Even if it were a legitimate two-year extension, though, fans would have been fine with it.

“If that Brady contract was for real and it wasn’t just one year and a little bit of fluff, people around here wouldn’t have cared,” Providence’s WPRO host Andy Gresh said on Ferrall on the Bench. “They would rather ride it out with Brady turning into Vinny Testaverde on the field than to think of him playing anywhere else. He has the best brain in football, and part of the reason he does is he’s been lucky enough to play in the same system for 20 years.”

That will help the Patriots this season, especially on defense.

“Expect Bill Belichick to have a big hand in the Patriots defense this year, including play-calling to start the season, and he can trust that Brady and Josh McDaniels – and (offensive line coach) Dante Scarnecchia, for that matter – will have it handled on the the other side,” Gresh said. “Offensively, even though there’s a lot of change and new wide receivers, a lot of people still believe that as long as Brady is there, they’re going to end up figuring that out. It’s really Belichick who’s going to be a big part of the defense. That’s exciting, at least for me, because he’s been sitting and observing and watching all of these new-age offenses – and yes, he’s a part of coming up with the game plan, don’t get me wrong. But how creative is he going to be against young quarterbacks, new-wave offenses – things like that? 

“I would love to see Belichick come up with a game plan for what the Cardinals are going to do,” Gresh continued. “That’s awesome to think Belichick might be calling defensive plays and to see if not only does he still have it – which I’m sure he does – but is he more aggressive? Does he lay back? Does he try to change things or layer this defense to get it ready for later in the season?”

Those questions won’t necessarily be answered Week 1. Instead, they will be answered throughout the course of the season.

“A lot of these coaches are rolling out all their new stuff during the season and early in the year,” Gresh said. “Belichick builds teams and gets them ready to crescendo at the right time. I think that’s an art because you have to put the governor on yourself as a coach, and he’s really good at that.”

The Patriots open the season at home against the Steelers on Sunday Night Football on Sept. 8.

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