Brando: Scott Frost The Greatest Hire Since Nick Saban

Tim Brando believes Scott Frost is "a can’t-miss, Hall-of-Fame coach in waiting"

August 31, 2018 - 9:26 am

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Nebraska is used to winning 10+ games and competing for national championships. Well, the program hasn’t won games since 2012 and hasn’t won a national championship since sharing the title with Michigan in 1997.

Scott Frost intends to change that.

“Scott Frost will be the greatest, most influential coaching hire in college football since Nick Saban was hired at Alabama,” FOX Sports college football commentator Tim Brando said on Ferrall on the Bench. “The guy is the total package. I’ve known him both as a player and as a coach. The infrastructure at Nebraska, much like the infrastructure at Alabama, is already set. You don’t have to worry about history and tradition because it’s already there; he was part of it as a player. But more importantly, he brings a modern-day approach as a coach. He doesn’t curse at his players. He understands the millennial cohort in a way that, honestly, even Nick Saban no longer does. And frankly, because he just understands both sides of the ball in a way that a lot of head coaches his age never would.”

That isn’t by accident. Just look at the guy’s resume.

“He was a quarterback in college, he was a safely in the NFL, he was groomed by the likes of Mike Tomlin from a defensive standpoint when he was playing in Tampa, and then from Chip Kelly from an offensive standpoint,” Brando said. “The guy just has an incredible understanding of talent and skill. He won’t have a player on the field that is not extraordinarily skilled once he has a couple of recruiting classes underneath him, and I think you’ll see a complete turnaround in the Nebraska’s record this year.”

Nebraska went 4-8 last year. The four wins were the program’s fewest since 1961.

“Granted, it’s a low bar,” Brando said. “But you know their schedule is unbelievable. It’s murderers’ row in the Big Ten. They’re on the road starting with Michigan in Week 4, and it’s almost as if they don’t come off the road.”

Nebraska plays at No. 14 Michigan on Sept. 22, at No. 4 Wisconsin on Oct. 6, at Northwestern on Oct. 13, and at No. 5 Ohio State on Nov. 3.

“I still believe they even with the treacherous road schedule, they can win eight games and flip the script and go from 4-8 to 8-4 in Year One,” Brando said. “And I don’t doubt that within Year 3, he’ll be knocking on the door to win the Big Ten Championship. After that, look out. The guy is just incredible. He walks into a room, he commands respect, and he does so with a level of humility that I’ve never seen among coaches in the college game today. He is a can’t-miss, Hall-of-Fame coach in waiting.”