Moore: Durant Manipulating Media; Rant Was A "Stunt"

Kevin Durant's tirade against the media wasn't spontaneous, Matt Moore says; it was staged – and it served a purpose

February 13, 2019 - 9:03 am

USA Today Images


Days after lashing out at reporters and saying that he doesn’t trust the media, Kevin Durant did a media tour to promote his new talk show, "The Boardroom," which gives viewers an inside look at the sports business.

So, which is it, Kevin? Do you hate the media? Or do you simply want to manipulate the media to get what you want?

“I think it’s definitely the latter,” The Action Network NBA writer Matt Moore said on Ferrall on the Bench. “I think he went out and pulled that whole stunt to increase his visibility and then followed up with all the stuff on ESPN. My whole thing is I don’t care if Kevin Durant wants to talk to the media or not. He just has to answer the questions. He’s got to be available per the league’s rules and as part of the contract he signed. Outside of that, he can answer however he wants.

“I just don’t understand the need to be lecturing people,” Moore continued, “especially when you’re going to go out and have this entire 'Boardroom' thing on ESPN – which, oh by the way, the new office is where? In New York City. How does he not know what’s going to happen? He skipped out on media for nine days the moment the Knicks traded Kristaps Porzingis to clear cap space. What does he think is going to happen? He knows exactly what is going to happen. He planned it that way. It’s all about manipulation of the system, and it’s definitely apparent KD has learned how to pull that trick.”

On the court, meanwhile, the Warriors (41-15) have a chance to win their fourth NBA title in five years, including their third straight. Does anyone have a chance to beating them?

Moore says maybe.

“The chemistry is really tenuous,” he said. “OKC has got a chance. I don’t think anybody else outside of maybe the Bucks can go in with their offense. To me, the Bucks and the Thunder are the only two teams that can actually give the Warriors a run – and then you’re just hoping that something crazy tilts it and for it to be really competitive.”