NBA Insider: LeBron, George Going To L.A.

Jared Zwerling believes LeBron James and Paul George will become Lakers – and other players are sure to follow

Taz and the Moose
June 26, 2018 - 10:02 am

USA Today Images


LeBron James and Paul George do not play for the Los Angeles Lakers, but NBA insider Jared Zwerling believes that will change – and sooner rather than later.

“It seems evident that’s probably going to happen,” Zwerling said on Taz & The Moose. “I’ve talked to a few sources, and it appears that LeBron to L.A. was a conversation that was very strong right when the season ended. My bet is really heading toward LeBron and Paul George going to L.A. together. It just makes sense for LeBron from a basketball standpoint to play under the leadership of Magic Johnson, a guy that he’s idolized, and what they’re trying to build there. There’s a lot of great young talent there. His image would go much more global. It’s global already, but playing in L.A., in that market, he’s got a home out there, his family loves the city, LeBron does a lot of entertainment there – from an on- and off-court standpoint, it makes a lot of sense.”

George, of course is from Los Angeles. Only 28, he is still very much in the prime of his career.

“LeBron would love to have a starting small forward or a wing player like Paul George alongside him,” Zwerling said. “LeBron is 33 years old. He would love to have a guy alongside him that really plays a lot of defense and to help LeBron on the offensive end. I think having guy like Paul George would be great. It just seems more and more evident that this is going to happen.”

If James and George wind up in L.A., other players are sure to follow.

“I think Paul George may be just the early piece,” Zwerling said. “Who else is next? LeBron, I think there’s something up his sleeve beyond Paul George. Who out there has a top point guard that could join LeBron in L.A. to play alongside him and Paul George? I don’t think Paul is the end of the deal. I think there could be another move. I don't know who that player will be yet. But you look at LeBron going to the Finals and winning with Kyrie Irving – LeBron, I'm sure, would love to play with a high-level point guard. I don’t think Lonzo is the guy. I just think it seems more evident L.A. is the place for LeBron. It’s easy to be swayed by LeBron over Russell Westbrook.”