Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant Had To "Face The Music"

All-Star Weekend did not provide a reprieve from the drama surrounding the pair of superstars

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
February 18, 2019 - 9:20 am

USA Today Images


The Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant soap operas have dominated the NBA in recent months, and All-Star Weekend did not provide a reprieve. Instead, the drama involving both superstars was very much a topic of conversation.

“I think the Anthony Davis story didn’t go away,” ESPN Radio NBA play-by-play voice Marc Kestecher said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “Anthony really hadn’t addressed it to the national media, and everyone knew he was going to be here. I guess he had to quote-unquote face the music. You read or heard his responses, which don’t really close the story, and in some cases – when he mentioned that the Celtics were still on the list or there’s 29 teams on the list – he may have even expanded the story a little bit. So that’s going to follow him the rest of the year until a trade goes down in the offseason.”

Durant, meanwhile, would like to focus on basketball, not free agency, but that won’t be happening.

“Even though he doesn’t want to talk about his future down these final couple of months of the regular season and into the postseason, there’s going to be more national writers that are following and he’s just going to deal with that as well,” Kestecher said. “So the NBA has become a story-driven league. Usually it’s what connects it from the end of the season to the beginning of the following season, but it seems to be hitting in the middle of the season – during games as well. There was no doubt that was all on display here.”

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